A Guide to the Best Comcast XFINITY® Deals This Summer

Whether you’re a new Xfinity customer, or an existing customer looking to upgrade your service, Xfinity from Comcast means value. In fact, Xfinity has a well-earned reputation for bringing together the best media and technology to provide their customers an unstoppable entertainment experience at an affordable price. If you’re wondering what deals Xfinity can offer you, read on and find out. Free Upgrade to X1 Entertainment Operating System® Comcast is the only provider that offers you the power of Xfinity®.  Xfinity® unites your television and Internet experience through the X1 Entertainment Operating System®, which delivers the easiest and fastest way to access all your entertainment on all of your screens. The X1 Platform can also provide Wi-Fi speeds that are three times faster than its competitor, more than 100 HD channels, and a massive selection of On Demand television shows and movies. Best yet, the X1 offers voice control which lets you do things such as search for a show, get personalized recommendations and change channels using only your voice. No more searching for the elusive controller! Plus, the X1 Smart Search function give you the chance to find out what’s on live TV, Xfinity On Demand and your DVR- all from one convenient location. Free Premium Programming Sign up for an Xfinity best deal and premium programming is yours to enjoy free for two years! That’s right, you’ll be able to watch premium programming such as the popular Game of Thrones on HBO or tune into Showtime’s raved about series, Homeland. Access to One Million Wi-Fi Hotspots for No Additional Charge Xfinity offers a wealth of Internet packages, but one of the best Internet deals is Extreme 150. With this commanding Internet package you’ll not only benefit from download speeds of up to 150 Mbps, you’ll also unlock access to one million free Wi-Fi hotspots. So whether you’re surfing from your living room or working on the run, Internet access is readily available to you. As a bonus, you’ll also be given access to seven email accounts, each with 10GB of storage. Comprehensive Online Protection for Free Without a doubt, one of the best summer deals is Constant Guard®. A $360 value, this all-inclusive online protection is yours free when you get Xfinity Internet service. Constant Guard includes password protection, the Norton® Security Suite which helps fortify your computer against viruses, spam, and Identity Guard which safeguards your family against identity theft. Comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Comcast has perfected the art of customer service. Take advantage of a best deal from Xfinity and you’ll feel good knowing it’s backed by a 30-day money-back customer guarantee. As an Xfinity customer you’ll also appreciate that Comcast is committed to arriving at your home on time. If an Xfinity technician fails to be at your home within your two hour appointment window, you’ll be credited $20 or offered a free premium channel for three months. Live chat support, an online community forum and 24/7 phone line support round out the reasons why Xfinity best deals can’t be beat. Enjoy a Free Prepaid Visa® Card, or Even an iPad Mini! One reason the Starter package is one of the best deals from Xfinity is because it comes with a $100 prepaid Visa® card. The value of a HD Preferred Plus package is boosted with a $250 prepaid Visa® card, and when you sign up for HD Complete you’ll get a prepaid Visa® card worth $300. The Xfinity HD Premier Triple Play is augmented with a free iPad mini®. We’ve highlighted some of the best deals for new customers, but Xfinity hasn’t overlooked existing customers. If you currently enjoy Xfinity service, you might consider upgrading your Internet speed, expanding your television channel choices or possibly lowering your bill while enhancing your services with a bundle. Bundles such as Xfinity Triple Plays include features such as 165 digital channels, downloads speeds of up to 105 Mbps and unlimited nationwide talk and text. Existing customers can call Xfinity to discuss upgrade options or ask for help identifying the best deal for their needs. [zipfinder]
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