Author: Carson Ward

How Much Speed Do You Need? A New Tool from HSI

We’re proud to announce our most recent tool, How Much Internet Speed Do You Need? Our customers often ask how much download speed they will need, so we’ve developed a simple tool to help them calculate their household speed requirements. Try it out and let us know how it works for you. The first version of the tool is designed to help beginners who aren’t sure what megabits and milliseconds mean for their Internet connection. Start by entering which devices you own and how many of them are regularly connected. To get you to a clear number for how much...

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Comcast/TWC Merger Falls Through, Killing Charter’s Deal in the Process

Bloomberg has reported that Comcast plans to walk away from its proposed $45 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable. The mega-merger would have made Comcast available to about 70% of U.S. households, but its cancellation raises big questions about the future of the cable industry. The merger faced inevitable tough questions from anti-trust officials, particularly over whether Comcast influenced key decisions with Hulu, which is one-third owned by Comcast. When Comcast purchased NBC Universal in 2011, it promised to remain a silent partner in Hulu’s management. Many believed that Comcast violated the agreements terms by influencing Disney and Fox, Hulu’s...

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Google Fiber in Salt Lake City Confirmed

Salt Lake City mayor Ralph Becker announced today that his city will be the next destination for the coveted Google Fiber service. Speaking at The Leonardo museum in downtown Salt Lake City, the mayor said Google Fiber “makes sense” for the city, citing the state’s leadership in technology and information. Google Fiber currently offers service to three cities: Kansas City, Austin, and Provo. Salt Lake City is now one of five upcoming Fiber cities, joining Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham. Rumors have persisted for weeks that Google will purchase the Salt Lake area’s local fiber co-op, which is called Utopia. When...

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How Google’s Algorithm Silences Minority Opinions

Google’s influence on society is both unparalleled and poorly understood. At last count in September of 2013, the company served over 3 billion searches per day. Most of us use Google, and we’re far more likely to click the top few results. If Google is determining what we’re more likely to read, and if reading can change belief, then Google’s algorithm can change millions of beliefs daily. I myself have changed beliefs – and in one case my entire worldview – based on what I found through Google. I’m happier for it, but I can’t help thinking a few...

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