Author: Hilary Bird

How to Protect Your Mobile Device While Using Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi makes the world a better place by allowing us to stay connected to work, friends, and family on the go. That’s why most events and establishments offer free Wi-Fi as part of their efforts to provide a better experience for their guests. Although the benefits of public Wi-Fi are pretty awesome, the potential for breaches in online security serves as a significant drawback. Public Wi-Fi networks make it relatively simple to wage attacks on unsuspecting network users. For as little as 50 dollars, a dishonest internet user can access any unencrypted data being transmitted over a public network...

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Beyond the Internet of Things: the Physical Web and Responsive Cities

If you thought the world was smart now, prepare for the super intelligence spurred by Google’s latest life-changing project: the physical web. The physical web aims to assign objects and devices with an easily detectable and accessible URL that allows your smart device to connect and communicate with the world around you. How the Physical Web Works While the physical web will ultimately function as a rebuttal of individual smart apps, it is currently run as an app that tries to not feel like one. Instead of having to directly interact with the app, the physical web functions in...

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