Author: John Dilley

Could Usage Based Broadband Pricing Really be Good for Consumers?

Several large Internet service providers (ISPs) are looking to introduce usage-based broadband Internet plans to the consumer market. Just like mobile data plans, usage based broadband pricing would vary based on either the amount of time a consumer is online or the amount of data they download. Is this a good idea? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Affordability? Maybe It is possible that by charging based on Internet usage, broadband Internet connections will become more affordable. Families who do not use the Internet often may be able to find great value in a smaller broadband...

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Technology of the Future – or so We Thought

It’s incredible what the future has brought us. Hard drives installed in our heads, the ability to start World Wars from our living rooms. Don’t forget the part where the Internet failed to bring the world together. Oh, wait. None of that has happened? Well then these movies really messed up trying to predict the future. Flash Drives Connect to Our Brains! – Johnny Mnemonic Who needs to carry around a flash drive, when you can just plug one into your brain? That’s what Johnny Mnemonic was able to do. Released in 1995, Johnny Mnemonic was a sci-fi action...

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