Author: Michelle Sander

Step 4: Digital Nomad Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your #RemoteLife

Your new remote life is under way—it’s time to dig deep and learn a little about perseverance. You’ve decided to finally do it. After months of eating the same Pho for lunch and Thai takeout for dinner, weeks of virtually cycling through the French countryside in spin class, and night after night of expelling wistful sighs as you scroll through the #wanderlust hashtag on Instagram, you couldn’t take it for a minute longer. So you made up your mind: you decided to become a digital nomad! Congratulations *throws confetti* and welcome to the club! I’m Michelle Sander, and I...

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Step 3: Digital Nomad Co-Working Spaces, Flights, and Accommodations

Co-Working Spaces. I worked off site for nearly a year before I tried my hand at the digital nomad life. Your boss isn’t around. They’re probably not even within a 1,000-mile radius, nor are they in the same time zone. Can you still get your work done when the beach is calling in Seminyak, when everyone is going to the Full-Moon Party on Koh-Phangan, or when you get invited to hit the slopes anywhere from Las Lenas to St. Moritz?

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