Author: Sarah Brown

Virginia Has the Fastest Internet – But Why?

Virginia beat out every other state in the nation in terms of Internet accessibility by having the fastest Internet speeds. That means residents of the Old Dominion enjoy less buffering in their YouTube videos, faster music downloads and generally just do everything online quicker than the rest of the country. What’s So Special About Virginia? It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason Virginia has such high Internet speeds, but we can speculate based upon common reasoning. The top five states with the highest Internet speeds have one thing in common – denser populations in smaller areas. Virginia ranks 14th...

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MIT Presents Wi-Fi Motion-sensing Technology That Could Replace Wearables

There is a lot of hype about Wearables right now, but recent setbacks, such as FitBit’s recall earlier this year, prove the technology does not always support the hype surrounding it. Combatting this concern, MIT professors and grad students developed a wireless system that does not require a wearable transmitter and could be a new wave in health and other applications. What does the technology do? When a person is near a wireless signal, their motions modulate that signal. With wearable technology, an RF transmitter sends the wireless signal to an RF transceiver. With WiZ, however, an RF transceiver...

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