Bitnewt Becomes UK’s First Bitcoin Marketing Agency

Bitnewt, the UK’s first Bitcoin-based marketing agency and third globally, has officially opened its doors to Bitcoin companies looking to build their brands and generate awareness. Bitnewt Founder and Account Manager, Josh Blatchford, has been active in the Bitcoin community since 2013. Pairing his marketing prowess with passion for technology, Blatchford began working as a marketing consultant for Bitcoin startups and soon recognized the growing need for a full service agency. “I initially started working for Bitcoin start-ups as a marketing consultant” Blatchford says. “As each project became bigger than the last, it became clear to me that my clients need and deserve a full-team.  And so I up-scaled into an agency, with the help of the best creative minds I know.” A fully B2B agency, Bitnewt has two primary customers; Bitcoin startups and traditional companies interested in accepting Bitcoin as payment. Blatchford knows creating a strong brand and generating awareness are essential for new companies in the Bitcoin field looking to gain traction. Some of Bitnewt’s services include branding, communications, search engine optimization and communication strategy. For traditional business clients, Bitnewt’s services include the implementation of a Bitcoin payment system that minimizes the client’s financial risk while simplifying payment transactions. Blatchford says his clients’ needs are diverse, but SEO tends to be one that’s especially popular. “More specifically, this is often as case of reviewing clients’ website code and advising what changes they should make to rank higher in search engines. Additionally, we are frequently writing articles that are optimized for client’s target key words.” When asked what the biggest challenges are when creating marketing and PR messages regarding Bitcoin, Blatchford says Bitcoin has suffered from “a lot of bad press” as a result of its association with Silk Road and the failure of Mt Gox. “The implications of this are that, for marketing, it is vital to create a brand that people can trust and develop a strong relationship with,” Blatchford said. “And for public relations, regular engagement with the community is arguably the single best way to gain acceptance and confidence of customers.” Blatchford says his company is committed to supporting the Bitcoin economy by doing something most other businesses simply do not do: holding on to coins instead of selling them. This means that the coins are not just being liquidated as soon as they are obtained, and therefore do not have any negative impact on the economy. As a result, supporting Bitnewt and paying via Bitcoin is a great way to help cut down on the amount of liquidation that is happening with most businesses that take the cryptocurrency. In less than a year, the Bitnewt team has gained several high-profile clients that include EveryDice, QuickBitcoin, BitcoinReviewer, BitcoinLister and ShopJoy. The Bitnewt team, also known as “Newts”, include graphic designer Ben Oats, copywriter Bryan Burgett, and animator Sean DePew. Learn more about Bitnewt by visiting its website at [zipfinder]
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