Coachella Weekend One has come and gone but there’s still plenty of festival vibes to go around. Weekend Two is here, which means thousands of lucky attendees are gearing up for an amazing weekend in the California desert. Although we’d all like to think that music and comradery are the main focuses of festival-goers, these days, one of the most important factors is: where, when, and how the perfect Instagram pic will be taken.

If you’re on a mission to earn your most-liked photo at Coachella this weekend, you could probably stand to benefit from a few pointers from the pros. Below is the twenty most liked photos on Instagram and the top five A-list celebrity posts from Coachella Weekend One, along with some interesting insights that might indicate why they were successful.

These photos show us is that Instagram users definitely have a type–and what might that type be? According to our research, it’s females with brown hair and brown eyes. Gentlemen prefer blondes, but Instagram definitely prefers brunettes. Specifically brunettes with brown eyes.

In the chart below, the first graph shows the number of individuals featured in each image who have brown hair, blonde hair, black hair, pink hair, and rainbow hair. The second graph shows the number of people in each photo who have brown eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes. The next stat shows the percentage of people featured in these photos who are men versus those who are women.

Another similarity we noticed among the most-liked photos from the festival was that the majority of them (99% to be exact) were actually taken at the festival itself. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth noting that you should wait to get the perfect pic at the festival rather than snapping photos in your hotel room or the parking lot.

If you’re still not sure where you should plan your photo op at the festival, our research also revealed where most of the top Instagram photos from Weekend One were taken. It looks like 30% of them were taken in front of the famous Ferris wheel and 20% of them were taken in front of palm trees.

Basically, if you want to optimize your photo’s engagement potential, skip the hotel room selfie.  For an even better chance at getting ALL THE LIKES, line up to take a photo at the Ferris wheel or find the nearest palm tree for the optimal shot.

Finally, here are a couple of the most important questions you should ask yourself about your Coachella photo: who should be included and should you smile or be sexy? According to the top photos from Weekend One, a closed mouth smile or sexy pout would be most likely to earn lots of likes for your Weekend Two photo. It also looks like the bulk of the most-liked photos featured just one person. If you must add another person to your shot, photos with two people (especially couples) seemed to do pretty well. Just steer clear of group shots if you want more likes.

Top 5 Celebrity Coachella Posts

kylie Jenner

3 million likes


Selena Gomez

6.8 million likes


Kendall Jenner

2.1 million likes



1.7 million likes


Top 20 Most Liked Coachella Photos

We used Popsters to analyze #Coachella on Instagram and identify the 20 most-liked photos from weekend one. Here’s the ranking:

Now that you’ve learned the Instagram ropes from the festival-goers who came before you, it’s time to gear up for Weekend Two. Stay hydrated, hold on to you cellphones (look out for this guy), and have the time of your life at one of the most amazing festivals on Earth!