Internet Basics

Q. Bandwidth vs. Latency: What is the difference?

Q. What is Upload vs. Download Speed?

Q. Megabits vs. Megabytes, and why it matters.

Q. What is the difference between satellite, DSL, cable and fiber internet?

Q. How important is my wireless router to my internet speed?

Q. What is the internet of things?

Q. Why are there only two internet options in my area?

Q. How does the internet work?

Q. How fast is Fiber?

Q. How does satellite internet work?

Q. How do I find internet when traveling abroad?

Q. How do I find internet providers near me?

Q. Where can I find a list of ISPs in my area?

Q. Are there government programs to help me get internet service?


Internet Usage

Q. How much speed do I need to watch Netflix and Hulu?

Q. How much speed do I need for online gaming?

Q. How much speed do I need to stream videos online?

Q. How much speed do I need for Pandora and Spotify?

Q. Why does Skype not work with my Internet?

Q. How much speed do you need for live video game streaming?

Q. How can you make phone calls of the internet?

Q. How do I watch TV online?


Internet Speed / Connectivity

Q. Why is my internet slow?

Q. Why is my WiFi slow?

Q. Why does my internet keep disconnecting?

Q. How can I make my internet faster?

Q. Why does my internet slow down at night?

Q. How can I tell if my internet is being throttled by my ISP?

Q. Does weather impact internet connection speeds?

Q. Will paying for faster Internet improve my Wi-Fi speed?

Q. Is my Wi-Fi slow because of my router or my ISP?

Q. What is the best Internet speed test website?


Internet Cost

Q. How can I get FREE Internet?

Q. How can I save money on internet?

Q. What is the average cost of Internet?

Q. What are the fees on my Internet bill? (And are they legitimate government fees?)

Q. Will paying for faster internet improve my wifi speed?


Internet Installation

Q. Why do I need a different modem for DSL/ADSL/cable? Can I use my cable modem for DSL and vice versa?

Q. Can I install internet by myself?

Q. Why do I need to buy phone with my DSL?

Q. What cables do I need to connect my router to my computer?

Q. What is a DSL modem?


Internet for Business

Q. How much speed do I need for free Wi-Fi at my business?

Q. Should I provide free Wi-Fi to Airbnb guests?

Q. Should my restaurant offer free Wi-Fi?


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