Finding Internet Providers by Zip Code

This Guide to Service by Zip Code Has Moved

If you’re looking for our guide to Internet providers by zip code, it has moved here. This article previously explained the benefit of doing research, how to find providers in your area, why you need to enter your zip code, and why only a few providers might be available. Based on feedback to this article we found that users were largely looking for packages, plans, and pricing for their Internet service. While we do show providers on, we felt that readers of this article would be better served by It may strike some as odd that we’d move an Internet guide to a site other than this one. As always it is our intention to serve our users and their best interests. We’re constantly adding new features and guides. We continue to show small providers and add new providers regardless of whether we make any money or not. We believe that by making HSI a guide for Internet service we will build credibility and continue to grow traffic. Please contact us if you can think of any further guides that would help you.

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