How can I save money on Internet?


It may seem like you’re stuck with the set amount you pay for Internet service each month, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Solutions vary by area, but there are a few methods available to help you save money.

Buy Your Own Equipment

Rather than pay equipment rental fees on your bill, consider purchasing your own modem and/or router for your Internet connection. It might cost more upfront, but you’ll save money over time when you cut out the extra monthly fees. A good router can last for years, as long as you take care of it.

Bundle Your Services

If you want to save money on Comcast Internet, or Internet from other providers, you may find discounts by bundling your services. If you get your Internet, cable, and phone services from one provider, putting them all on one bill will likely help you save. Call up your provider and ask how you can bundle and save to see what discounts are available to you.

Cut Back on Services

Conversely, you might be able to save money by cutting back on the services you have. If you find yourself bundling cable and phone with your Internet but rarely using them, you might consider getting rid of them entirely. Switch your phone services to your mobile phone and get rid of your television. Then you’ll only be paying for Internet, which would cut down on the total you spend each month.

Switch Providers

You may consider comparing providers in your area to see if there’s a better option for you. You may discover a different provider in the area has the speeds and pricing you’re looking for, without all the extras you don’t need.

Use It Less

If your provider charges by the amount of data you use, and you often find yourself going over your limit, consider cutting back how much time you spend online. Using it less is a simple solution for how to save money on an Internet connection. Use local Wi-Fi hotspots where available, watch videos and Netflix on your tablet (assuming it has its own data-plan), or simply put down the electronics and head outside for a day at the park each weekend.

Just Ask

If your Internet provider is facing stiff competition in the area from other providers, they might cut back on your bill just to keep you as a customer. There’s no harm in asking. Be courteous and explain you’re having a hard time affording the current bill and would like to know if you could receive a discount for being a good customer. Sometimes this could save you a few bucks each month. None of these methods are guaranteed to work in every situation, but you’re likely to find one that will. Consider each of them and find that one that works best for you.   Back to FAQ Questions

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