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If you’re a pet owner, you certainly want the best for your furbabies. On top of your schedule, managing vet appointments, grooming schedules, feeding times, and everything else that comes with having a furbaby can become overwhelming. Having pets can be almost like having human children with the time commitment, love, and scheduling it takes. To help you avoid overlooking anything important, you might consider getting a little help from technology. We’ve found five apps that can help you give the best to your pets. 1. DogVacay It doesn’t seem fair that your pet has to spend time in a kennel when you get to go on vacation. Luckily, DogVacay gives you an alternative to leaving your pet in a crate when you head out of town. DogVacay is a program that lets you leave your pet with an approved and trusted host family while you’re gone. You can choose from a list of approved host families and your pet can maintain the same schedule they’re used to. You can even become a host and make some extra cash, giving your pet get some social interaction and helping you save up for your next vacation. 2. Kittyo When you head off to the office, your pet may get sad and spend the day being lonely. But now, thanks to Kittyo, you can play with your furry friends no matter where you are. Kittyo is an hourglass shaped machine you leave in your home. It connects to your smartphone, where you can use options to interact with your cat or dog from the machine so they stay active and don’t feel alone. You can use the built-in laser to get them to play, feed them with a treat dispenser, talk to them through a microphone, or record them playing, all from your smartphone. 3. DoggyBnB If you’re going on an overnight business trip, or just won’t be around to take the dog out during the day, finding a pet sitter can often be a challenge. You want to leave your pet with someone who you can trust will take care of them with the attention they deserve. Enter Doggy Buddies and Boarders (DoggyBnB). Doggy BnB is a social networking app that lets you request times for your friends to take care of your pet, or help out a friend by accepting their pet-sitting request. You can even find new friends who are pet-lovers like you, building yourself a network of pet-sitters you can trust. 4. DogSync Pets have schedules too, whether it’s going in for a haircut, a doctor appointment, or school and it’s up to you to keep track of all of these events. Instead of filling your desk with lots of post it notes, turn to DogSync, an app that manages your pet’s busy schedule for you. While geared toward dog owners, Dog Sync is a task management app designed to help you take care of any pet. The app sends you reminders to walk, feed, medicate, or even play with your pet. You can even use DogSync to coordinate between multiple caretakers to make sure the job gets done and your pet stays happy and healthy. 5. Pack Pack is the Cadillac of dog apps and websites. Think of it like Doggy Facebook – you post pictures of your fur baby, other people love and track (follow) them, and leave you comments. You can join a pack (for instance the Schnoodle Pack or the Rat Terrier Pack or the Marvelous Mystery Mutt Pack) and you’ll receive curated emails with fun gift ideas, tips, and treats for your special furbaby. Track the pups you love and your feed will be loaded with adorable fur pictures. If you use your pet’s name in a hashtag on Instagram, the photo auto-posts to your Pack page. Plus, Pack just launched an app that’s easy to use, so you can post photos from wherever you and Baby go: the dog park, the drive thru, or hiking in the woods. What other apps have you used that help you take care of your furbabies? [zipfinder] Photo Credit: LuAnn Snawder Photography/Flikr

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