Technology of the Future – or so We Thought

It’s incredible what the future has brought us. Hard drives installed in our heads, the ability to start World Wars from our living rooms. Don’t forget the part where the Internet failed to bring the world together. Oh, wait. None of that has happened? Well then these movies really messed up trying to predict the future.

Flash Drives Connect to Our Brains! – Johnny Mnemonic

Who needs to carry around a flash drive, when you can just plug one into your brain? That’s what Johnny Mnemonic was able to do. Released in 1995, Johnny Mnemonic was a sci-fi action thriller, where the hero, Johnny Mnemonic (Keanu Reeves), had a data storage device implanted in his brain because the Internet was not safe enough. I wish I had one of those in college. I would need a few extra hands to count the amount of times I either forgot my flash drive, or forgot to save a document to my flash drive. How easy would it have been to just save it to my brain? I never would have left that behind, most of the time at least. Unfortunately, the premise of Johnny Mnemonic has yet to come to fruition. Everyone is still emailing documents to their own accounts, or carrying around bright colored USB sticks. But there is hope! Johnny Mnemonic took place in 2021, so there is still eight years before this technology is supposed to become available. Stay tuned.

You Can Start World War III Right from Your Computer – WarGames

Video games become more realistic each passing year. Even so, they haven’t become as realistic as the game “Global Thermonuclear War” was in the 1983 movie “WarGames.” In the movie, David Lightman (Matthew Broderick), is able to unknowingly hack into the United States nuclear arms system, and almost launch missiles at the USSR. Sure, cyber security has become a very serious issue in the world. But I don’t think a teenage kid could go from changing one of his grades on his school’s computer system, to starting a nuclear war, all before lunch. To the movie’s credit, it was way ahead of its time predicting the growing issue of computer hackers. However, they really sold the United States short. Did they really think the nuclear codes would be next to a game of chess? If anything, they would probably put it next to a better game like minesweeper.

The Internet Will Not Bring Us Closer Together – Netforce

Boy was this flat out wrong. Released in 1999, the movie “Netforce,” attempted to predict what the year 2005 would look like. How much can you get wrong with a six-year prediction? Well, let’s just look at one line in the movie from Kris Kristofferson and find out. “I thought the Internet was our future, that it would bring us closer to each other. But I was wrong. All it did was create endless opportunities for perversion, corruption, greed, lust and all of the rest of Seven Deadly Sins.” I know I may have been young back in 2005, but I don’t think I took part in any of the Seven Deadly Sins when I was instant messaging my friends. And not only was this not one of the Seven Deadly Sins, it was also a way for the Internet to bring people closer together. It’s safe to say that now in 2013, Netforce’s prediction still has not come true. Social media has brought people closer than ever. A woman in Australia can tweet a man from Brazil, and get a response in seconds. So, “Netforce,” it was a nice try, but you literally predicted the exact opposite of the future. Come to think of it, that’s pretty impressive. Photo by Surian Soosay

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