The Internet of Me (IoM) Can Improve Your Health

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves the systematic interconnection of technology, making ordinary devices and appliances capable of interacting to make life easier. It takes things like alarms, lights, and refrigerators and allows them to communicate with other devices and alter the dynamics in your home. There are also smart cars in development that can detect sensors placed alongside the road to help avoid crashes. But the new phenomenon, The Internet of Me (IoM), is a much more person-centric concept. Essentially, it asks the question, “What can smart technology do for me?” It’s the idea that technology can cater to the individual by gathering information on them, perhaps through the use of wearable devices, and then adapt itself to their habits, preferences and desires. What Kind of Tech Can We Expect? The IoM involves tech that focuses entirely on the person. So far, we’ve seen this come to fruition in the form of varying degrees of fitness devices and activity trackers. Other devices can monitor your sleep and help you adapt a better cycle at night. And one that is expected to hit the market soon is a monitor that tracks a baby’s nutrition intake through its bottle. One of the biggest fields open to the IoM is healthcare. Biotechnology could see an abundance of devices in the near future that allow people to essentially monitor their own health through IoM technology. Rather than visiting the doctor for a checkup you’ll just slap a wearable around your wrist or on your chest to monitor your heart and provide status updates on your health. The wearables could potentially be used to monitor stress levels at work, help with serious conditions like diabetes by tracking insulin intake, or even telling you what mood you’re in. The IoM Will Could Enhance Lives The IoM seems like the logical conclusion to reach since we started on the path of creating the IoT. What it could potentially mean for overall health and wellbeing is still up for debate, but it’ll be hard to find someone against easier ways to keep people out of the doctor’s office. Imagine a device that could detect a heart attack before it happens and how it might help save lives. The human propensity to look for ways to make things easier for us does occasionally turn up some pretty great ideas, these being some of them. While the focus seems to be placed on how the IoM will improve healthcare, there will no doubt be other effects in the future. Maybe one day our wearables will track our eating habits, connect to kitchen appliances, and find a way to fix our favorite meals for us before we even get home from work. A guy can dream, right? Photo Credit: GotCredit/Flikr

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