The Online Video Experience As You Know It is Changing Fast

To help facilitate uploading and sharing videos, startups found their own ways to connect users with this ubiquitous medium. Here are five notable startups in the online video world who are changing the way people use online videos. 1. Viki Viki created a volunteer community platform where tens of millions of users watch and share online videos every month, and it broke down language barriers to expand this community worldwide. Viki, a play on the words “video” and “wiki,” enables users in Japan to enjoy videos shared by users in the U.S., with both sides able to hear the videos in their native tongue. With over 2 billion video streams and more than 400 million words translated, Viki is a global video purveyor that connects people in ways not previously possible. By fostering a community where users upload and share videos, Viki provides the platform and stands back to let its massive pool of users manage the content. 2. enables thousands of premium broadcasters to share live videos streams. The startup’s millions of users stream content in a variety of areas, from news and entertainment to animals and sports. With no language barriers, viewers watch more than 300 million live streams available in over 250 countries every month. According to Comscore, once’s American members join, they watch more videos on than YouTube. As of July 2013, viewers widely used, the number two service for videos per viewer, number three for minutes per viewer, and number six for minutes per video and total minutes viewed. 3. Telly More than 11 million members now use Telly’s website and mobile apps to share and discover videos from across the Web. Telly collects videos that users create and watch as well as videos from more than 150 video sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Vine, and Twitter. Telly also enables users to create professional videos using filters and music and record for an unlimited length of time. The Telly community is active and engaged in sharing and creating videos. This includes the general public as well as celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ian Somerhalder, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and the NBA. 4. Vidyard Vidyard helps businesses host videos online and determine whether those videos are an effective part of their marketing strategy. The service provides useful analytics to test whether a video produces a return on investment. These metrics include the users who are watching the videos, how long they are watching the videos, and other data that businesses can integrate into their MAP and CRM. 5. Virool Virool helps global brands and small businesses get the most views out of their videos and marketing campaigns. The startup works with brands such as Sony, Intel, T-Mobile, GM, Volvo, and Lipton, as well as musicians, filmmakers, game developers, YouTube talk show hosts, startups, Kickstarter fundraisers, and nonprofits. Virool ensures that viewers see these businesses’ videos at various Web touch pointvs, including social networks, blogs, websites, games, and mobile apps, for blanket coverage and increased probability for virality. Video is a massive part of modern Internet use, and the video startup world finds innovative ways to facilitate connections between people around the world using this powerful medium. These are just a few startups who take part in this worldwide online trend, and many more are sure to come in the future. [zipfinder]
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