Todoist for Business Goes Live and Crushes the Competition

With thousands of productivity apps on the market today, it can be tricky to choose the right one for your company. But this decision just got a lot easier. Todoist released a business version of their popular task-managing app. Todoist for Business offers a minimalist, intuitive interface which allows up to 80 projects at a time with 200 active tasks and 50 collaborators per project. Todoist Founder and CEO, Amir Salihefendic, says the rollout of Todoist for Business was a natural evolution of the product, which was first launched in 2007. “After noting that approximately 82 percent of our individual users were occupying Todoist for work-related tasks, we saw an important opportunity to help increase workplace productivity,” Salihefendic said in an email to “We developed Todoist for Business, beta tested across many different corporate settings, and adapted the software to users’ needs.” Since going live, their product is crushing the competition. But what makes Todoist so great? How is it different from the scores of other apps for managing tasks? Basic Features Task Customization Todoist offers useful task customization features, including notifications, notes, and prioritization levels. These allow you to go above and beyond basic Gmail or iPhone task-lists. Now you can schedule reminders to be sent via text or email, helping you stay on task. You can also sort items into projects with multiple priority levels, add notes to individual tasks, and easily share items with collaborators. These are all useful features, but other apps like Remember the Milk and Wunderlist can let you customize your to-do list too, as long as you’ve got the app handy. These two also connect with your email account like Todoist, helping you keep projects organized and ready to share. Minimalist Layout Layout is one area Todoist beats the competition. Todoist maximizes white space with a simplicity that leaves you focused. The only other app that comes close is the web-based, but it is as basic in function as it is in appearance. Todoist looks simple and sleek but still packs a punch with all of its features. This attractive minimalist design cuts down on distractions, making toolbars and reminders available only as you click, but otherwise keeps the screen clear, helping you focus on the task at hand. “Todoist is known for being the most beautifully simple, yet technologically robust task manager on the market,” Salihefendic said. “We’ve built our software and apps following simplistic, intuitive design principles which provide a very sleek user experience. This is something that people really appreciate – when you want to be productive, you don’t want to deal with unnecessary bells and whistles that can, at the end of the day, decrease your productivity.” Productivity Tracking Another great feature of Todoist is its ability to track your productivity over time. If you want to know exactly how much you accomplished last week or month, or which days or times of day were most productive, Todoist can chart your statistics and give you instant reports. This will help you learn how to organize work hours to match productivity trends, making you more successful than ever. New Features for Business Several new features are now available with Todoist for Business. First is the creation of administrator accounts, giving company managers the power to add and remove employees from the service, track projects, and download data for billing purposes, etc. This app also provides improved access to group contact lists and team inboxes, making team collaboration a breeze. Todoist also creates unique email accounts for each project, letting team members add, modify, or update tasks as well as incorporate text and pictures into notes for individual tasks. Todoist for Business offers new security features like improved data backup and encryption. Former versions had daily automatic backup and basic encryption; the newly-released business suite has bank-standard SSL security coding, secured data centers, and hourly data backup. What Sets Todoist for Business Apart? It’s true that Todoist isn’t the only productivity app to offer many of these highlighted features, but Todoist is the only service that integrates these services into popular mail clients and synchs them across 13 major platforms. You can use Todoist for Business in Outlook or Gmail without even opening the task app. All you have to do is use the simple Todoist tool built into your mail service. “We can reach an extremely diverse group of users: those who use Chrome, iPhone, those who use a Samsung tablet, those who use a PC, etc.,” Salihefendic said. “All of our platforms are synchronized in real-time, our mobile apps are fully native, and we offer many key features that our competitors do not.” Even more impressive is the fact that Todoist for Business works with iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, and nine other platforms in addition to the stand alone apps, which means no more wasted time trying to get your task list to sync with your coworker in a different city, or worrying about copying and pasting project notes or anything like that. You and your team can spearhead that new project, prioritize and assign tasks, share work, add notes, and track your success for only $3 per employee per month. 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