Top 10 Parental Technology Fails, Courtesy of the Reddit Community

Reddit is famous for its diversity of entertaining member submitted content. One particularly hot board is AskReddit, which is where we uncovered the question “What are some of your parents’ tech fails?” followed up with dozens of side-splitting responses. Read on as we count down our Top 10 Parental Tech Fails, as told by the Reddit community. 10. Disgruntled with YouTube Reddit member “Aquilaungula” recounts how her mom’s trouble with YouTube. “The best example of a fail by her would be when she was frustrated because Youtube wouldn’t play audio. After a five-minute rant about how there are ‘fifteen different volume sliders and yet none of them work’, I turned on the speakers. I think you can guess how the rest went.” 9. “WeeWees” can be puzzling “Hraesvelg7” relates the conversation that occurred when grandma was introduced to Wii. “I tried to get my grandmother to play Wii Sports to get her doing at least a little activity: Ok, now move your hands to play, grandma. Move my what? What button do I press? No button, just move your hands around. What button is my hands? You don’t need to press any button, just move your hands like you’re playing tennis. I don’t understand your weewee!”   8. Shuffle stymies mom and dad Reddit contributor “hzsfre” tells how the shuffle button perplexed road tripping parents. “My parents were on a road trip going from Texas to Canada listening to an audiobook on a CD. After about 14 hours, my mom got embarrassed and confessed to my dad that she had no idea what was going on in the book, since some characters had seemingly come back from the dead without explanation. My dad, also embarrassed, had been unwilling to admit he had no idea what was going on either. They arrived at the hotel and went to sleep. The next day, they discovered the CD player was on shuffle, and had been listening to the chapters out of order.” 7. You’re not alone The parental tech fail submitted by “BigBadMrBitches” is one almost everyone can all identify with. “My dad types the whole web address of what site he wants into Google, and then clicks on the site’s link.” 6. Psst! Let me tell you secret… it’s something called Google Kartarsh’s” dad discovered a seemingly clandestine site that he shared with only a select few. “ My dad thought he was the only person who knew about Google until a couple years ago. I would ask him a question if I couldn’t figure out the answer by using Google…his responses always started with ‘I don’t know, but I’ll tell you what to do: go to and type in ___, it will bring it right up for you, it’s like magic.’. He always said this in a quiet voice like it is some super secret thing that only family could know about.” 5. Parents traded in their smartphone because it was stupid BHMtheMAN’s” parents traded in their smartphone ASAP after “breaking” it. “My mom once bought my dad a smartphone. He turned it off by accident, and didn’t know how to turn it back on. He then threw a huge fit and yelled at my mom, telling him that the stupid thing broke on him already. My mom then scolded my dad repeatedly for breaking it within the first day of getting it. During there argument, I walked over, held down the power button, and turned it on… they traded it in within the next week.” 4. Convincingly clueless “sirreally” shares an anecdote many of us can relate to. “My Dad picked up his own TV remote control off his coffee table and asked me if it was my new phone.” 3. Dad’s Facebook frenzy Reddit community member “sneezen” explains his dad’s unique approach to gathering friends on Facebook. “My dad recently signed on Facebook and is adding people who have the same name as him.” 2. Mom takes crime prevention seriously “magicmuds” passes along this comical tale, “I helped my mom purchase a new computer monitor. I suggested she give her old one to Goodwill. She said ‘oh, I don’t know, what if some identity thief gets it?’ I tried to explain that her monitor doesn’t store any data. I think she is still dubious, the old monitor still sits in her computer room.” 1. Rewinding the Internet, one page at a time Reddit user “playblu” shared this gem, which was the most popular answer. “My mom can get on the internet for hours at a time, but when she’s done, she backs out of it – clicks to go back one page, over and over, until she’s back at her Yahoo mail start page. I’ve told her she doesn’t have to do that but she insists on it.” While many parents are tech savvy, a good number are still learning the ropes and providing us with humorous stories like these along the way. What parental tech failure do you have to share?   [zipfinder] Find Jess on Google+

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