Why is my Internet slow?


Slow Internet can be infuriating. Whether you are trying to work or just playing around, people have grown accustomed to a certain amount of Internet speed that provides what we want in a reasonable amount of time. Whenever you have issues with your Internet speed, consider the following items to help you find the best solution.  

How Much Speed Are You Paying For?

Not all Internet Plans are created equal. Back when access to the Internet was first available, people paid by the minute just to get in the door. Now that the door is wide open, different Internet Service Providers provide different speed tiers. While some providers have download speeds of up to 150 Mbps, other carriers may have you at 5 or less. Check with your provider to see what your guaranteed speed is. And then make sure you are getting it.  

How Much Speed Are You Actually Getting?

Now you know how much speed you should be getting, you don’t necessarily have to trust what your Internet provider is telling you that you have. You can check your Internet speed here. If you’re not getting what you pay for, call your provider and find out why.  

Is Your Hardware Up to Snuff?

Is your hardware old and out of date? You might be paying for a premium Internet package but if your modem, router, or computer is from before the Obama Administration started, chances are you need to upgrade. Thanks a lot Obama. To diagnose a hardware problem, first, try to isolate the problem to one device. Does the slowing happen on every device or just the computer you are working on? What about other computers in your house? If the slowing occurs on all your devices you may have an Internet speed issue. If it’s only one device, it’s likely a hardware issue. Next, check the router or the modem. Unplug them and plug them back in again. The unplug technique does actually work in some cases. If that doesn’t work, try testing your speed with a wireless connection, then test it again with your computer plugged directly into the modem. If the wireless connection is significantly slower, you likely have an issue with your router.  

Is Your Wi-Fi Signal Strong Enough?

Are you currently accessing the Internet from your steal encased panic-room. Do you keep your wireless modem in the refrigerator? Have you determined your hardware is fine, but the signal is just not coming through? You may need to try to fix the signal. We really like this list on Lifehacker of ways you can boost your WiFi signal.  

How Many Devices Do You Have on the Internet at Once?

Ever tried to get on the Internet in a football stadium? It is about as slow as you can get. The same thing can happen in your home if you have a lot of people doing things that take up a lot of bandwidth. If you’re trying to download a movie while your spouse is trying to torrent a totally legal video and your kids are streaming hi-res videos and shooting aliens with their friends online, chances are you will all experience a bit of a slowdown. Fear not, we have actually built a nifty tool that lets you plug in all the different ways you use the Internet and we’ll let you know how much Internet speed you need. Then all you need to do is…  

Call Your Internet Provider

Let them know you are having an issue. Now you have knowledge on your side, let them know how much speed you need. Chances are they have a higher tier of Internet speed available for you and are going to work with you to upgrade. But, if they don’t….  

Find a New Provider

The nice thing is that Internet isn’t like Cable TV. Your area likely has more than one provider. You can shop around. And the best part? You are on HighspeedInternet.com and that is what we help you do. You can find Internet providers in your area and compare the speeds they offer.   [zipfinder]   Back to FAQ Questions  

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