Why is my WiFi slow?


Slow WiFi is quite possibly the most significant threat to online productivity…aside from cat videos, of course. If you’re currently experiencing a connectivity crisis in your home, don’t panic! Finding your long-term solution just takes is a little troubleshooting. To get started, you’ll need to understand the factors that could be affecting your WiFi connection’s speed. Check out a few potential problems below!  

You don’t have enough speed to support your usage needs

Determining your speed needs involves more than simply counting the anticipated number of connecting users. You must take into account how many devices will be connected and what each device will be used for. Certain services like Netflix and Dropbox tend to hog up your Internet speed, meaning even if you have enough to cover the number of users, you may not have enough to cover your usage. Check out the “How Much Speed do I Need?” tool to plug in all of your usage needs and determine whether or not insufficient speed is the cause of your slow WiFi.  

You have an issue with your router

Your slow connection is not always the ISP’s fault. Sometimes the issue is simply your router. If you’ve determined speed isn’t your issue, it could be time to check your router. You can either call the customer service line provided for your router, or try to troubleshoot on your own first. ITWorld.com offers an awesome article with independent troubleshooting options.  

Signal congestion

Even if your speed is up to par, your neighbor’s connectivity needs could be messing with yours. If your server doesn’t provide the bandwidth to support your connection’s speed alongside the speed of others it serves, this could be the source of your WiFi woes. You can check your actual Internet speeds with a reliable speed test tool to determine whether or not you’re actually receiving the speeds promised by your ISP.  

Your device doesn’t work well with WiFi

Certain devices simply don’t mesh well with WiFi. If all other options have come up dry, your device may be the true issue. If you’re currently operating an older mobile device like an iPhone 3, that could be the reason why your WiFi isn’t running at optimal speeds. Older devices simply don’t have the means to establish the most solid WiFi connection possible.   Back to FAQ Questions  

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