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One of the best tools you can use to help you decide whether it’s time for a new high-speed Internet plan, or whether your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives you all the speed you pay for is an online speed test. Ookla’s is one of the most popular tools for this, performing more than 5 million tests each day. Collecting the results of these speed tests helped the company determine the fastest ISP in the nation and in each state. After examining data from more than a billion online speed tests, and data from more than 40,000 ISPs, the company announced the winners of its Speedtest Awards in July. In fairness to all ISPs, we need to say that these are the fastest average speeds, and each ISP is typically capable of providing more speed. For example, if a company offers gigabit speeds, but most customers may opt for 100 Mbps service instead, skewing the numbers down. On the other hand, a company like Google Fiber, which offers gigabit service but no intermediate speed plans, scores quite well with this methodology. And the Winner Is… According to, XFINITY is the fastest ISP in America, with an average download speed of 104.56 Mbps. Time Warner Cable placed second at 99.11 Mbps, Cox Communications third at 94.06 Mbps, and Charter Communications fourth at 66.31 Mbps. State By State Honors Given XFINITY’s overall win, it’s no surprise to see the company do so well in so many states, but other national providers, as well as smaller, local ISPs, took overall state wins, too. Check out which provider won in your state as well as the average speed where you live. Alabama: Bright House Networks, 82.97 Mbps Alaska: GCI Communications, 99.15 Mbps Arizona: Cox Communications, 93.14 Mbps Arkansas: Cox Communications, 91.39 Mbps California: Time Warner Cable, 144.18 Mbps Colorado: XFINITY, 113.37 Mbps Connecticut: XFINITY, 114.01 Mbps Delaware: XFINITY, 110.80 Mbps District of Columbia: XFINITY, 107.37 Mbps Florida: Time Warner Cable, 91.94 Mbps Georgia: XFINITY, 82.36 Mbps Hawaii: Time Warner Cable, 88.44 Mbps Idaho: Cable One, 52.13 Mbps Illinois: RCN, 85.43 Mbps Indiana: Bright House Networks, 84.98 Mbps Iowa: Mediacom Cable, 84.13 Mbps Kansas: Google Fiber, 849.62 Mbps Kentucky: Time Warner Cable, 44.72 Mbps Louisiana: EATEL, 92.41 Mbps Maine: Time Warner Cable, 46.39 Mbps Maryland: XFINITY, 115.47 Mbps Massachusetts: XFINITY, 111.70 Mbps Michigan: XFINITY, 81.73 Mbps Minnesota: Mediacom Cable, 88.27 Mbps Mississippi: C Spire Fiber, 94.93 Mbps Missouri: Google Fiber, 853.52 Mbps Montana: Charter Communications, 65.56 Mbps Nebraska: Cox Communications, 79.75 Mbps Nevada: Cox Communications, 94.88 Mbps New Hampshire: XFINITY, 114.29 Mbps New Jersey: Time Warner Cable, 160.19 Mbps New Mexico: Plateau, 149.62 Mbps New York: Time Warner Cable, 105.96 Mbps North Carolina: Suddenlink, 80.42 Mbps North Dakota: Midcontinent Communications, 74.58 Mbps Ohio: Time Warner Cable, 50.87 Mbps Oklahoma: Cox Communications, 106.46 Mbps Oregon: XFINITY, 115.70 Mbps Pennsylvania: XFINITY, 103.35 Mbps Rhode Island: Cox Communications, 90.45 Mbps South Carolina: Charter Communications, 66.17 Mbps South Dakota: Midcontinent Communications, 77.41 Mbps Tennessee: EPB Fiber Optics, 452.40 Mbps Texas: XFINITY, 117.91 Mbps Utah: XFINITY, 121.64 Mbps Vermont: VTel, 694.15 Mbps Virginia: XFINITY, 117.88 Mbps Washington: XFINITY, 117.41 Mbps West Virginia: XFINITY, 96.33 Mbps Wisconsin: Charter Communications, 66.04 Mbps Wyoming: Silver Star Communications, 92.86 Mbps Closer to Home Local results for many metro areas are available at the Speedtest Awards website, so if you want to know who’s fast not just in your state, but also in your neighborhood, you can now find out. If you learn that your current ISP isn’t one of the winners, finding out which of the faster plans are available in your area is as easy as entering your zip code below. [zipfinder] Photo Credit: Irish Typepad/Flikr

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