Your Region Says A Lot About Your Internet Searches

Where you’re from says a lot of about you, from the types of foods you enjoy to how you pronounce certain words. But did you know that it also says something about how you act online? The East Coast Has Some Potty Mouths It’s true, East Coasters likes their “f-bombs.” It turns out, when East Coasters, New Englanders in particular, hop on social media, it turns into a competition of who can use the most colorful language. If you don’t believe us, check out the fun site which tracks how often the f-word is used on Twitter by area. “The Washington Post” took the time out of reporting actual news to see how it worked and here is what happened in the U.S. Never fear, East Coasters, because you’re not actually the worst. Ohio claims top honors when it comes to cursing. It also looks like the South lives up to its stereotype of producing the people with the most manners. But The West Coast Sure is Vain People on the West Coast like looking at themselves more than others. That’s right, we’re talking about you, California. A recent study confirmed what we already kind of suspected that Californians, followed by Washingtonians and Nevadans, are more likely to brag about themselves on social media. They post more status updates, tag more photos of their trips, and let everyone know when something exciting happens more than other Internet users. The report refers to these things as “brag-ommendations.” It should probably be noted the biggest offenders are women. On the other hand, the report claims Utah is the most humble state, followed by South Carolina and Oregon. See, not everyone out West likes to show off. We’ve Got Some Funky Search Habits The United States is pretty eclectic in terms of search habits, though not all the results are shocking. The southern states have a focus on all things religion and conservative with top searches including God, Jesus and FOX News. “Obama Is The Antichrist” shows up in the top search results for both Alabama and Kentucky, while Louisianans are busy streaming episodes of the Golden Girls and the men of Tennessee are concerned about their wives cheating on them. Californians seem to be in search of AA meetings while Texans are still trying to determine if dinosaurs were real. Meanwhile the Northwest has an unhealthy obsession with strange, logic-defying creatures with Unicorns, Bigfoot and Anne Coulter all topping Internet searches there. The Northeast has those funny cat photos locked down. The Mountain Regions are Too Busy to Internet With the plethora of activities to do outside there it shouldn’t come as a surprise people from the mountain states are least likely to get online “just for fun.” The Pacific Northwest and the Midwest follow closely behind. Alternatively the states right next to the Midwest are most likely to hop online just to play games and watch movies. The Midwest, along with the mountain region and Pacific Northwest, are also less likely to get their news online than other regions. They also shop online a lot less. It turns out though the South is the least likely region in the country to get online at all. On a daily basis only 51 percent of users will log on each day in the Southern portion of the country compared to 65 percent and up elsewhere. It turns out where you’re from does seem to have an effect on how you view and use the Internet, but the jury is still out on who uses it the best. Although it looks like Alaska has the rest of us beat on obtaining mail order brides. To find out what internet is in your region search now. [zipfinder]

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