Overview HSI's overall rating based primarily on third-party speed, pricing, and customer service data.

HSI Rating

AT&T U-verse® is a fiber-optic, triple-play service that offers digital TV, Internet, and digital voice services. U-verse areas typically have higher Internet speeds, and are unique in that TV services are available through Internet Protocol technology.

Since its launch in 2006, U-verse has connected 11.5 million customers to High Speed Internet. In an effort to better inform customers, the High Speed Internet team took a look at U-verse Internet and reviewed the service in terms of speed, pricing, customer service, and more.

Speed Speeds are based on real-world speed test averages across the nation.

AT&T's U-verse speeds have been found to be reliable and fast enough for nearly all uses, from online gaming to HD streaming. U-verse uses an advanced digital fiber-optic network to deliver its High Speed Internet. Customers, depending on their location, will either have Internet delivered via fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) or fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) technology. Customers can expect fast, reliable service.

AT&T U-verse offers a better choice of speed and price combinations than other national providers, making it an affordable option. Depending on a customer's location, download and upload speeds may vary. As a result, AT&T cannot guarantee speeds in every location, and speeds may differ from advertised or promised speeds. Multiple device usage and larger than normal data packet downloads may impact download speeds.

Whatever U-verse may lack in speed it makes up for in quality. One of the few subscription TV providers to use fiber-optic technology, U-verse is able to deliver a high-quality, less distorted signal. Streaming without delay, complete data transfer, and low latency are all standard features of U-verse service.

Pricing Pricing is based on user-reported pricing figures from our data providers.

High Speed Internet service from AT&T U-verse - with bundles including TV, Internet, and phone - often starts at extremely affordable prices, and promotional discounts add to the savings. As with most time-sensitive promotions, prices may increase once the promotional period is over. The post-promotion price points put AT&T near the middle of the affordability scale compared to other national providers. However, bundling more than one service from AT&T dramatically improves monthly costs. U-verse TV and phone can be added to High Speed Internet to create a surprisingly affordable complete entertainment package.

Customer Service Customer service ratings are based on credible and unbiased third-party companies, notably the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

In a 2012 study that measured customer satisfaction with cable, satellite and Internet protocol television providers, J.D. Power and Associates rated AT&T U-verse as "Among the Best" in its Customer Satisfaction Index Ranking for the South, North Central, and West Regions.

The study measured customer satisfaction based on performance and reliability, cost of service, billing, programming, communication and customer service. Over 22,500 customers nationwide were surveyed and the results ranked AT&T U-verse above DISH, DIRECTV, and Time Warner for the North Central region.

AT&T's U-verse offers 24-hour technical customer support on a dedicated support line. Live chat, email ticket submission, and social media outlets allow for additional channels of contact. While all U-verse billing or account issues must be resolved during regular business hours, the company has made sure their hours are accessible for customers in every American time zone.

Why Choose AT&T U-verse

AT&T U-verse offers a complete way to enjoy home entertainment with great customer service, bundling options, and reliable speeds. Customers who include TV in their service have access to Uverse.com, AT&T's online entertainment portal. Users can sign in and watch live channels or access thousands of music, sports, and news channels.

AT&T allows you to combine all of your services into a single bill. In addition to TV and Internet services, U-verse Voice runs on the AT&T fiber-optic network and low monthly plans include long distance calling. Few other providers offer the same degree of convenience and bundle savings.

Future Plans

Currently being offered in the Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth areas, U-verse is expanding its GigaPower network which offers speeds up to 1 Gbps. AT&T has plans to grow its GigaPower network to up to 100 cities in the near future. Lucky residents will include those in Miami, San Jose, Kansas City, St. Louis, and more.

The 100% fiber-optic network offers increased download speeds, advanced DVR storage, and super-fast Wi-Fi speeds. In most areas, however, speeds are likely to be significantly lower than 1 Gbps, but far more competitive than standard DSL. As the technology evolves, AT&T will be able to offer more.