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XFINITY from Comcast offers Internet, TV, Voice, and Home Security services using its expansive network. Launched in 2010, XFINITY has always aimed to bring customers more of the things they want from technology products and service.

With over 30 million subscribers, XFINITY is one of the largest providers of broadband Internet1. The HighSpeedInternet.com team took a closer look at XFINITY broadband to see if those millions of customers are really getting more from Comcast.

Speed Speeds are based on real-world speed test averages across the nation.

The speed of XFINITY Internet depends entirely on which package you choose. Comcast offers four service tiers, ranging from 6 Mbps all the way up to 150 Mbps2. Provided that customers subscribe to a service tier with enough bandwidth to handle their usage, Comcast provides plenty of speed. Most XFINITY cable Internet packages are faster than DSL Internet connections. Customers with higher tier subscriptions should have no trouble with online gaming or streaming HD videos. The XFINITY home WiFi network is easy to set up and the speed is pretty reliable for multiple users online at the same time.

Comcast uses the same copper wires to deliver XFINITY Internet as it does for its cable TV. While these cables are pretty durable, they don't run directly to the customer's home. The cables run to a network hub in the neighborhood, and then split off from there. Under that configuration, customers may see slowed or inconsistent connections during times of peak Internet use because all the subscribers in the neighborhood are sharing the same connection hub. The majority of the time, this is not an issue but may show up in the early evening on weekdays.

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The pricing for XFINITY Internet is competitive in the marketplace. As with speeds, the cost varies depending on the service tier a customer chooses. Comcast also sweetens the deal for new customers with some good sign-on promotions like gift cards and reduced pricing for the first year.

Customers can expect more value by ordering XFINITY TV, XFINITY Voice, or both with their Internet service because Comcast offers discounts for ordering multiple services together3. Some service areas can even get bundles that include home security options.

Some service fees and equipment rental charges may come along with the regular monthly rate. Customers should expect their bill to be a little higher than the advertised price, especially early in the service when they're still paying for installation.

Customer Service Customer service ratings are based on credible and unbiased third-party companies, notably the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

XFINITY is generally regarded as having poor customer service. In fact, in a 2012 JD Power Report on a survey that included over 22,500 consumers nationwide, XFINITY from Comcast ranked below average for customer satisfaction in three out of four regions in America4.

Since then, Comcast has taken a new approach to customer service, focusing on empowering its customers to answer their own questions. It allows customers to self-install their services, and also provides online account management. In 2013, Comcast's CFO told Gene Marks of Forbes.com, "All of these improvements result in a better experience for our customers and improve productivity for our cable operations5."

Why XFINITY from Comcast?

XFINITY from Comcast offers dependable, secure Internet service. Its speeds and prices are competitive in the industry and generally faster than DSL. With multiple service tiers, XFINITY has a service option for every type of Internet user. Like with most home entertainment services, you'll get more for your money by ordering your Internet, TV, and home phone services all from XFINITY. Comcast is streamlining its services to better suit the needs of customers and eliminate the need to depend on a customer service representative.

What's next for XFINITY?

Following its strategy of empowering the consumer, the newest offering from Comcast is XFINITY with the X1 Operating System6. X1 is a user interface and a DVR all combined. The X1 Platform helps users easily navigate their enormous collection of entertainment options.

It offers seamless integration of XFINITY's cable content and its online content across all Internet-connected devices. Clearly XFINITY is looking to bring its customers the entertainment and services they want through an easy-to-use interface.