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Verizon Communications has offered Internet service since it formed in 2000. More recently, Verizon is pushing its fiber-optic Internet product, FiOS. But, FiOS is only available in a limited number of markets, so Verizon still provides high speed Internet service to over two million subscribers via a digital subscriber line (DSL)1. Now, the HighSpeedInternet.com team breaks down what to expect from Verizon high speed DSL Internet service.

Speed Speeds are based on real-world speed test averages across the nation.

Verizon DSL offers four tiers of DSL Internet service. The top tier advertised download speeds are up to 15 Mbps (Megabits per second) and upload speeds up to 1 Mbps. The low end is .5 Mbps downloads and .384 Mbps uploads2. Some places may experience faster speeds on the top tier, but those speeds are not advertised or in any way promised by Verizon.

The top end speed tier is among the fastest available using DSL technology and is plenty for most Internet users. Customers looking to stream HD video on multiple devices at once may experience some issues due to bandwidth limitation, but most Internet users should have enough bandwidth.

Customers will enjoy the consistent performance of Verizon DSL. Verizon DSL achieves that consistency because, unlike cable Internet service, DSL Internet is delivered directly to a customer’s home. Cable Internet services run on a connection that is shared and split off by all the subscribers in the neighborhood. That shared connection can cause Internet speeds to slow down during peak usage hours like evenings and weekends. DSL connections aren’t shared, so the connection speed remains consistent even during high traffic times.

Pricing Pricing is based on user-reported pricing figures from our data providers.

Pricing depends on the speed tier and bundling options2, but can be extremely affordable, especially during the promotional period, but some of the stipulations could cause customers to hesitate.

The biggest drawback is that Verizon requires a subscription to its home phone service in order to get its DSL service. Although DSL service connects through existing phone lines, it doesn’t run on the same system as the phone service like the old dial-up services. Verizon requiring a home phone service subscription is unfortunate for customers looking for Internet service only, but the pricing is reasonable enough that Verizon DSL is a still a good value.

Customers can also expect to pay a one-time equipment charge and an initial setup charge. These fees will vary based on the specific equipment ordered, and the location of the installation, but will generally total around $60 to $75.

Verizon offers discounts on DirecTV service to complete a triple play bundle for its DSL subscribers. The full bundles start at about $80 per month3.

Customer Service Customer service ratings are based on credible and unbiased third-party companies, notably the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

As with most Internet service providers, finding negative reviews for Verizon DSL is easy. But, those complaints must be from a vocal minority of customers because, when compared to other Internet service providers, Verizon DSL ranks very well for its customer service.

Verizon earned the top spot for customer satisfaction from JD Power in two of the three regions in which it is available. Even in the region in which it did not claim the top spot, it still scored better than most Internet service providers4,.

Despite some online complaints about specific service issues that some individual users have experienced, Verizon generally provides excellent customer services for all of its products, including DLS Internet.

Verizon DSL Internet Final Analysis

The speed and pricing customers can expect to receive from Verizon DSL Internet service are comparable to, if not better than what they would find from other DSL providers. While DSL Internet services can’t deliver the same speeds as some other Internet services technologies, the speeds it does deliver should remain consistent due to the individual subscriber connection technology used by DSL Internet service providers.

Verizon continues to perform well in customer service with all of its Internet service options.

If you have a large family and/or need to stream a lot of HD video, you might want to consider a different Internet technology, but for regular Internet usage, Verizon DSL is a reliable and affordable option.