Internet Providers in Reno, NV

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1. AT&T
DSL   96% Availability in Reno

Available Speeds in

Mbps download
6 Mbps upload

2. AT&T
Fiber  in Reno

Available Speeds in

Gbps download

3. Charter
Cable   99% Availability in Reno

Available Speeds in

Mbps download
3 Mbps upload

4. Hughesnet
Satellite   99% Availability in Reno

Available Speeds in

Mbps download

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Provider types in Reno

  • DSL - 96% Coverage
  • Cable - 100% Coverage

Internet availability in Reno

100% Availability in Reno

100% Availability in Reno

100% Availability in Reno

Broadband availability

Reno 100%

Nevada 94%

Maximum speed in Reno

Providers offering maximum speeds:

  • AT&T

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Customer Reviews of Internet Providers in Reno

the monthly price is too high. The connection is slow and often the Internet service is dropped. If they would stop some of the mailings they do they might be able to give customers a break on the price.

Bill HerrityReno , NV2014-12-29

Charter is ok... Pricing is great during the promotional period then they rack up charges for everything. Everyone gets mbps double for no charge which is great, but they do not have enough boxes to spread the internet out through apartment complexes. Reno has more apartments then I have every experienced and Charter is no good for speed in apartments.

Rob CochranReno , NV2014-10-20

High speed internet provides access remotely to important elements of communication. The opportunity to have experts in the field share their expertise provides an important component and environment at your fingertips. It provides the tools for innovative and participatory research in formulating decisions in the workplace. The focus of customer service is in meeting the unique needs of the client essential with any internet company that can always be depended on. The reliability of reflects a cutting edge technology that is always dependable without downtime and in essence ultimately a critical and key element used for success in the workplace. Joan H

Joan HamptonReno , NV2014-07-27