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Excellent service, and the price (with the usual discount) can't be beaten. I've been really pleased with them overall, even though we do tend to have a lot of service outages on the phone lines and power. Throughput is good, though the download speed is VASTLY faster than the upload, so posting photos can take some patience.

M Bybee Flagstaff, AZ

After having been a Comcast customer for over 20 years and the mounting frustration and lack of customer service/care, my only other choice (Comcast has a monopoly in my area) was Frontier. I switched a year ago to Frontier and am still wondering why I didn't do it sooner. It's like a perfect match. I did have issues in the set-up but the technicians that came out were very helpful and polite. I wasn't just a "ticket" but a customer. I haven't had any problems since the initial set up so I can't say how the customer service is but based on the set up, I'm sure it hasn't changed! The speed is fast and I plan on being a customer for a long time.

Lori Benz Swartz Creek, MI

AT&T usually has great customer service. I have not been disappointed in that aspect. Pricing and speed are a different story. The internet speed is okay, most of the time. I don't think it is worth the price though, especially if you are not bundling. I stream videos, I would say, an average amount. A good bit (not all) of the time, the videos I'm streaming will stall and/or take a long time to load at times. Very annoying, especially since I don't have many devices connect to the internet all at once. I have the mid line internet that should be more than enough for my needs.

Sonia B Baton Rouge, LA