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Providers Rating What to Expect Speeds up to Price
Comcast 331 reviews 4 out of 5
  • Up to 150 Mbps in some areas
  • Triple-play bundles
50 Mbps
Hughesnet 16 reviews 2 out of 5
  • Great in rural areas
  • 15x faster than dial-up
15 Mbps

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HSI Providers by Type

DSL Providers

Digital subscriber lines (DSL) deliver broadband Internet via existing telephone lines without disrupting home phone service. There are over 500 DSL providers in the HSI database.

Popular DSL providers:

AT&T Logo
Verizon FIOS Logo
CenturyLink Logo
Windstream Logo

Cable Providers

Cable Internet delivers broadband service through the cable TV infrastructure, so it's available in most of the places you find cable TV. The HSI database contains over 200 cable Internet providers.

Popular Cable providers:

Xfinity Logo
Charter Logo
COX Logo
Timer Warner Logo

Fiber Providers

Fiber-optic systems use flashing lights to relay information at remarkably high speeds, so they can deliver significantly more data than cable or phone lines in a given amount of time. HSI currently has over 200 fiber providers in our database.

Popular Fiber providers:

AT&T Logo
Verizon FIOS Logo
Frontier Logo

Internet Service Providers by Zip Code

Enter your Zip Code at the top of the page. Once you click the "Check Availability" button, HighSpeedInternet.com will show you a list of Internet service providers in your area. The results may include Cable TV, Satellite TV, Home Phone, DSL or fiber optic packages.

Not all Internet service providers cover an entire zip code, so you should check with the providers directly to find out if service is available at your address.

Finding the right Internet service provider can be daunting. HighSpeedInternet.com makes it simple to decide between providers by giving you a clear comparison of prices, service type and customer service ratings.

HighSpeedInternet.com features a number of popular providers including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, HughesNet, Charter, and many other local providers.

If you are looking for high speed Internet in rural zip codes or on rural routes including ranches and farms, look into HughesNet which provides high speed satellite Internet.


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