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Find and compare Internet service providers in your area just by entering your zip code. HighSpeedInternet.com (HSI) has an extensive database of over 1,000 Internet service providers across America, including DSL, cable, fiber optic, and satellite providers. Just enter your zip code in the search box and we'll show you a list of all types of Internet service providers available in your zip code. Not only will you see big providers like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, but also small local providers. Then you can compare them side by side to find the provider that offers the features you want.

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Digital subscriber lines (DSL) deliver broadband Internet via existing telephone lines without disrupting home phone service. There are over 500 DSL providers in the HSI database.

Cable Internet delivers broadband service through the cable TV infrastructure, so it's available in most of the places you find cable TV. The HSI database contains over 200 cable Internet providers.

Fiber-optic systems use flashing lights to relay information at remarkably high speeds, so they can deliver significantly more data than cable or phone lines in a given amount of time. HSI currently has over 200 fiber providers in our database.

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  1. AT&T usually has great customer service....Pricing and speed are a different story.

    Sonia B Baton Rouge, LA

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Know what you're signing up for before ordering your service by reading reviews from actual customers. Our extensive collection of customer reviews let you see how current customers feel about their Internet service and their overall experience with the company providing the service.

Along with customer reviews, you can find expert analysis of the strengths and weakness of the Internet services provided by each of the major brands. Our experts rate each brand on its speeds, value, customer satisfaction and other important factors.