1. Test Your Internet Speed

First, use our internet speed test for both download and upload connection speeds. Then enter your zip code to see available providers, maximum speeds, and provider reviews. You may be able to get more Mbps for your money by upgrading or switching providers.

Now you have a number, but what does it mean?

Download speeds measure how fast your computer, smartphone, or tablet can receive data from websites and other internet servers. Upload speeds measure how fast you can send files and stream video. Our chart below should help you figure out what activities you can best do with the internet speeds you have.

Activity # of devices Recommended download speeds
Email, web browsing, streaming radio, phone calls (VoIP) 1 .5 - 4 Mbps
Streaming standard & HD movies and videos 1 4- 7 Mbps
Video conferencing (Skype), casual gaming (MMOs) 1 7 - 12 Mbps
Online gaming, HD streaming on multiple devices 2 12 - 15 Mbps
Low-latency HD online gaming (FPS) 2+ 16+ Mbps

**Note: As Internet download speed increases, lag and pixelating are resolved. Higher download speeds support better quality images, movement, and sound.

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