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About Fiber Internet

Fiber-optic internet is the fastest residential internet technology available. Over 200 fiber internet providers exist in the United States, but fiber is only available to 25% of the population. Enter your zip code to see if you have a fiber internet provider available in your area.

Fiber internet works using fiber-optic lines, which are cables that contain strands of glass. The glass acts as a conduit for flashing lights that blink at designated intervals to relay digital code from one end to the other. This technology allows for internet speeds far beyond what you get from DSL or cable.

Popular Fiber Internet Providers

Provider User Rating Max Download Speed Internet Offered*
Verizon Fiber N/A Up to 940 Mbps R, SB, C View Plans for Verizon
AT&T Fiber 3.0/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
R, SB View Plans for AT&T
Optimum Fiber 3.0/5 400 Mbps R, SB View Plans for Optimum
Frontier Fiber 2.5/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
R, SB, C View Plans for Frontier
Level 3 Communications Fiber N/A 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
C View Plans for Level 3 Communications
Windstream Fiber 2.5/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
R, SB View Plans for Windstream
Google Fiber 4.0/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
R, SB, C View Plans for Google Fiber
LUS Fiber 5.0/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
R, SB View Plans for LUS Fiber
EPB Fiber 5.0/5 10,000 Mbps
(10 Gbps)
R, SB, C View Plans for EPB
UTOPIA Fiber 4.0/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
R, SB, C View Plans for UTOPIA
Metronet Fiber 4.5/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
R, SB View Plans for Metronet
Cincinnati Bell Fiber 2.5/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
R, SB View Plans for Cincinnati Bell
EarthLink Fiber 3.5/5 75 Mbps R View Plans for EarthLink
CTC Fiber N/A 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
R, SB, C View Plans for CTC
Uniti Fiber N/A 10,000 Mbps
(10 Gbps)
SB, C View Plans for Uniti
Atlantic Broadband Fiber 2.5/5 1,000 Mbps
(1 Gbps)
R, SB, C View Plans for Atlantic Broadband

*R=Residential, SB=Small Business, C=Corporate
Speed shown is for residential service. Faster speeds may be available for business internet.


With speeds up to 2 Gbps, fiber optic internet providers currently offer the top speeds in the industry – much faster than DSL and cable.


Fiber internet is generally more expensive than DSL or cable internet services.

Final Analysis

If fiber optic internet is available in your area, it may be your best option for a fast and reliable internet connection, especially for households with many people using the internet at one time.

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Fiber-Optic Networks

Fiber-optic networks consist of cables encasing long, thin strands of glass or plastic. These tiny fiber-optic lines are one-tenth the size of a human hair. Inside each fiber, light flashes from one location to the next. The flashing lights create patterns that translate into digital information.

Before fiber became a common technology, much of the infrastructure for telecommunications was expanded using cable and phone lines. Because this infrastructure was already in place, most internet Service Providers (ISP)s were slow to invest money into upgrading that infrastructure to fiber technology. Those that did needed to make up for the expense, which contributes to fiber generally being more expensive than other internet services.

Recently, developments in 5G wireless internet technology have slowed the expansion of fiber networks. Many ISPs that are big enough to support fiber believe 5G will soon allow them to wirelessly deliver fiber speeds, eliminating the need for expensive new infrastructure. Those ISPs see 5G as a more financially viable investment.

Fiber-Optic Speed

Fiber-optic internet is generally faster than other types of internet. Fiber-optic technology allows for more data to be transferred in a shorter amount of time than older internet technology, like cable and DSL. For internet users, this higher data-transfer rate results in faster load times, higher-quality streaming, and a better internet experience overall.

Fiber TV

Fiber is not just for internet service. In fact, some of the biggest telecommunications companies in the United States use fiber-optic lines to deliver TV service as well. Among these brands are AT&T and CenturyLink, both of which offer fiber-optic television services in select markets.

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