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Ziply Fiber Pricing and Deals

Top Ziply Fiber internet plans

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Ziply Fiber internet plans


PackagePriceSpeedShop plans
Internet 50/50$20.00/mo.*50 MbpsShop Ziply Fiber Plans
DSL Internet$35.00/mo.*115 MbpsShop Ziply Fiber Plans
Internet 200/200$40.00/mo.*200 MbpsShop Ziply Fiber Plans
Internet Gig$60.00/mo.*1,000 MbpsShop Ziply Fiber Plans
2 Gig Fiber$120/mo.*2,000 MbpsShop Ziply Fiber Plans
5 Gig Fiber$300/mo.*5,000 MbpsShop Ziply Fiber Plans

Best Ziply Fiber internet deals

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About Ziply Fiber

Ziply Fiber is a newer fiber and DSL internet provider in the Northwestern US. Fiber internet, like Ziply Fiber’s, is the best kind of internet you can get, generally affording more speed and reliability than DSL, satellite, or cable internet.

We recommend Ziply Fiber for folks looking for great value and a top-tier internet connection. Because Ziply Fiber offers only internet service, it isn’t a good choice for those looking for bundling discounts with TV or phone.

Why choose Ziply Fiber?

Ziply Fiber’s Internet Gig plan is one of the best internet deals you can get. It’s fast and reliable fiber optic internet service, with no contract or data cap, for only $60 a month. You can’t do much better than that.


  • Great value gigabit plan
  • Fiber internet


  • Low plan variety
  • No TV or phone bundles

How does Ziply Fiber compare against competitors?

Ziply Fiber’s fiber-optic internet service is superior to DSL, satellite, and cable internet services. Fiber internet is the fastest and most reliable internet connection you can get. So, it makes sense that a large majority of Ziply Fiber customers (80%) said their internet speeds meet their needs in our annual customer satisfaction survey.

Compared to other fiber internet providers, Ziply Fiber’s Internet Gig plan is priced very competitively at $60 per month. Ziply Fiber’s other plans are pretty standard, if a bit pricey for the speeds offered.


Do Ziply Fiber plans have contracts?

No, Ziply Fiber plans have no term agreements.

Do Ziply Fiber plans have price hikes?

Yes, some Ziply Fiber plans increase in price by about $20 after 12 months.

Do Ziply Fiber internet plans have data caps?

No. All Ziply Fiber internet plans have unlimited data.

What’s the best Ziply Fiber internet plan?

Ziply Fibers Internet Gig plan provides the most value for the money, offering 1,000 Mbps for just $60 per month.