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Overview of internet satisfaction and availability in Virginia

Xfinity and Cox supply the majority of your cable internet options in Virginia, although you may find Spectrum here and there across the state. Spectrum and Cox also offer fiber internet where available, but their top speeds don't surpass Verizon's fastest fiber plan of up to 2,300Mbps. If fiber or cable internet isn't available, Brightspeed's DSL internet is one option, or you could go with wireless 5G Home Internet from Verizon or T-Mobile. HughesNet and Viasat are your two major satellite options in Virginia.

Internet providers received an average satisfaction rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars from customers in Virginia.

That ranks Virginia 39th nationwide for internet customer satisfaction.

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Internet customer satisfaction in Virginia

 3.6/5 average customer satisfaction rating
 39th national ranking for customer satisfaction

$86.70 average price per payment for internet, per household

87% of the time, advertised speeds meet household needs

3.6/5 average customer service rating of internet services

3.6/5 average reliability rating of services state-wide

8,638,218 people

2.51 average people per household

$70,940 average income per household

44 average age per household

55% of population employed


1% lower than national average

Ranked 38th nationally


16% higher than national average

Ranked 15th nationally


14% higher than national average

Ranked 18th nationally


1% lower than national average

Ranked 35th nationally

Average download speed
151.3 Mbps

12.77% higher than national average
Ranks 10th nationally

Average upload speed
65 Mbps

3.01% lower than national average
Ranks 12th nationally
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Fastest internet providers in Virginia

Provider Avg download speed Avg upload speed Availability Order online
Ting 243.47 Mbps 207.89 Mbps 50.71% View Plans for Ting
MetroNet 201.93 Mbps 170.28 Mbps 52.22% View Plans for Metronet
Verizon Home Internet 191.52 Mbps 123.5 Mbps 98.68%
XFINITY 190.34 Mbps 20.24 Mbps 95.78% View Plans for Xfinity
Cox Communications 184.1 Mbps 24.27 Mbps 95.73% View Plans for Cox Communications
99% of people in Virginia have access to 100Mbps or faster broadband, ranking 18th nationally.

Internet by tech type

Internet tech type Avg download speed % of people with access % availability Learn more
Satellite 103.8 Mbps 36.12% 98.9% See all providers for Satellite
LTE Home 139.8 Mbps 0.93% 98.2% See all providers for LTE Home
Fixed Wireless 75.8 Mbps 24.82% 82.11% See all providers for Fixed Wireless
Fiber 1352.83 Mbps 86.6% 86.15% See all providers for Fiber
DSL 138.86 Mbps 78.34% 83.26% See all providers for DSL
Cable 1104.23 Mbps 67.13% 80.74% See all providers for Cable
5G Home 258.94 Mbps 94.16% 65.15% See all providers for 5G Home

Best cities for internet in Virginia

Cities in Virginia with the fastest internet

City Avg download speed Avg upload speed Fiber availability Fastest provider
Stafford 244.1 Mbps 66.66 Mbps 100% Virginia Broadband
Gainesville 225.04 Mbps 89.41 Mbps 88% Verizon Home Internet
Fredericksburg 219.25 Mbps 81.09 Mbps 92% Verizon Home Internet
Culpeper 213.92 Mbps 43.61 Mbps 82% Verizon Home Internet
Lorton 208.29 Mbps 82.94 Mbps 90% Verizon Home Internet
Centreville 207.2 Mbps 103.92 Mbps 93% Virginia Broadband
Portsmouth 206.77 Mbps 77.26 Mbps 100% Verizon Home Internet
Annandale 206.43 Mbps 84.76 Mbps 89% Verizon Home Internet

Stafford is the best city in Virginia for internet, shooting to the top of the list thanks to a combination of record-setting average download speeds, wide fiber-optic internet availability, and the presence of a reliable and well-rated internet provider. Gainesville and Fredericksburg also earn top rankings, according to our data.

The most connected cities in Virginia

City Population Percent with access to high speed internet Percent with access to fiber internet Percent with access to 3+ providers
Roanoke 99,213 100% 100% 100%
Richmond 227,171 100% 100% 100%
Arlington 235,845 100% 100% 100%
Alexandria 157,594 100% 100% 100%
Virginia Beach 457,900 100% 100% 100%
Norfolk 236,973 100% 100% 100%
Hampton 137,217 100% 100% 100%
Newport News 185,118 100% 100% 100%

Roanoke is the most internet-connected city in Virginia. Roanoke makes it to the top of the list due to the high number of its residents who have access not only to high-speed internet, but also to fiber internet specifically. A large number of Roanoke's residents also have access to three or more internet providers—an uncommon number of options compared to the rest of the state. Richmond and Arlington also make it to the top of our list.

Top cities in Virginia

Virginia Beach

Population: 457,900

Median income: $84,040

187.07 Mbps
avg. download speed

58.64 Mbps
avg. upload speed

100% have access to high speed internet

100% have access to fiber internet

100% have access to 3 or more providers

Fastest ISP


Population: 249,377

Median income: $82,622

192.96 Mbps
avg. download speed

65.82 Mbps
avg. upload speed

100% have access to high speed internet

100% have access to fiber internet

100% have access to 3 or more providers

Fastest ISP


Population: 236,973

Median income: $58,409

139.02 Mbps
avg. download speed

34.37 Mbps
avg. upload speed

100% have access to high speed internet

100% have access to fiber internet

100% have access to 3 or more providers

Fastest ISP

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Methodology relies on proprietary and exclusive data to analyze the customer and provider trends presented on this page. We analyze millions of results from our speed test tool to determine average statewide speeds, fastest speeds, and availability. Our annual customer satisfaction survey provides us with data for developing the satisfaction rating. We also draw from data provided to us directly by internet providers to determine available tech types and average speeds.

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