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About Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is available almost everywhere in the United States and to virtually 100% of the population. You almost certainly have a provider of satellite Internet in your area.

Unlike traditional Internet service, satellite Internet service works by sending a wireless signal from the dish mounted on your house to a geosynchronous satellite which then beams the signal back to the provider’s networks access point. Although this process happens at a very high speed, it will cause a lot of latency. Latency (lag) is usually worse when a signal has to travel farther. In the case of satellite Internet, that distance is much greater than it is for land based Internet providers because the signal must travel to outer space and back.

List of Fiber Internet Providers

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15 Mbps

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You can’t beat satellite Internet for availability. It is available almost everywhere. You just need a clear view of the sky and the property rights to have a satellite mounted.


While satellite Internet is faster than dial-up, it is not as fast as cable or fiber.

The long delay in signal makes it almost impossible to play online games or stream. Browsing is also delayed as each page takes a few seconds to begin loading.

Final Analysis

Satellite Internet is widely available and the set-up is minimal. The relatively low speeds and high latency can be frustrating, so it would be a good idea to first check for wired Internet options. Satellite is still a good alternative to dial-up Internet and sometimes the best choice for rural areas.