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My roommate and I were heavy internet users, and we got exactly what we paid for. Any time we had an issue it would be resolved very quickly, easily, and for free. I was shocked since the stereotype for ISP's are people who don't care about the customer or their service. I think the prices are a tad high but then again it's the best speeds and service I've witnessed in the country. Unfortunately I have moved outside of the area Armstrong provides to but I would have stayed with Armstrong had I stayed in the area.

Collin Lauver 2018-05-21

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We have been with Armstrong for six years . When we have any issues with the cable or the internet they send someone out ASAP . Everyone that has came to our home or dealt with on the phone have always been nice and very helpful . They are always on time . The internet works pretty well for us out here in the country the only time its out is with bed weather or the wind has ripped the wiring off the house with our siding . They still came out and hooked everything back to the house that's included the siding that came down . So we are happy with this company .

Tracy Murphy Jarrettsville, MD 2015-09-10

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Over priced for what you get. But it's the only Cable provider in this area. THEY SUCK your limited on your data usage, get charged for overage, sorry their customer service is horrible. Employees are required to post reviews on sites like this giving ARMSTRONG highest rating. BS! This outfit is horrible I'll promote and fight with township to get these guys out of here. Horrible internet provider

Denny Chadwick Oxford, PA 2015-07-18

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Armstrong is really the only true broadband provider in the eastern part of Lawrence county and it's service and up-time can't be beat. Speeds of up to fifty MBps depending on the package, quick service when needed and no slowdowns of the service at times of heavy usage.

Bryan S Proctorville, OH 2015-06-17

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Our internet is kind of slow. For the price we pay I expect to have better faster speed. One thing about Armstrong is they do have good customer service

Robin Abrams 2015-04-26

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I love Armstrong Cable, other than they are based out of Erie and our weather is more in line with Youngstown Ohio weather. Having said that, every time I call with any type of problem, I always get a great result. The staff and the technicians are terrific. I would not want to switch from Armstrong.

Martha Campbell Jamestown, PA 2014-12-31

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