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Aaron Z | 03-05-2023

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I use a lot of internet. I run a home server that easily uses 10 or more terabytes of network data a month, with many different large downloads and HD video streams happening at once at any given time. Bresco Broadband has been extremely reliable for me, and has supported my heavy use case extremely well for over a year now. On my 5 GHz Wi-Fi channel I consistently get 400-500 mbps both download and upload, which I REALLY appreciate the upload speeds being just as good as the download. Too many providers will offer high download speeds and then pathetic upload, and this will not work for me. I need fast uploads, and Bresco has provided that. And for only $59 a month, which in my opinion is a great deal. I’m honestly sad to have to leave Bresco behind when I move out of Columbus next month, but I hope this review is helpful for potential new customers.

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