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They know they have the market cornered in Republic, therefore their service is sub standard. They charge far too much for internet. Claim that you have good speed, but when you're constantly booted offline, and call service tech's out, they either blame the router or old lines. Last year they told me that the router I had, which worked AMAZINGLY before wasn't the right one. I said, it's literally the specs you call for, he says, oh, well it's the brand. No, they don't know what to do, so they deflect. When you call customer service, they basically just sent tech's out, there's never an admission of bad service, never an offer to refund any amount of money. When I had TV service, they do not offer those premium channels on the free preview weekends - I asked why, they said they won't subscribe to that through those vendors. Forget what the customer wants! If you can avoid it, do not go through Cable America.

Teresa Borders 2018-06-04

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