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I've always had good service from DTC Communications. Friendly folks to deal with and always prompt for any service calls. I've got an aging phone line which occasionally experiences hardware problems, but the service tech is always out within just a few hours of my call. Recent speed tests show consistent ~50Mb download and ~12-15Mb upload speeds. Pricing is comparable to other advertised service providers.

Happy Customer 2017-07-16

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Awful terrible company, the employees are always rude and never seem to know anything about their own company. The service has constant interruptions and every so often service will just shutdown for a few days with zero reason as to why. DTC is one of the few services provided in the area so you don't really have a choice if you want internet, this gives them the ability to do whatever they want since they don't have competition in the area. There only competition is satellite companies (which are equally terrible) You could say that DTC has a monopoly here and they know it.

Matthew Carrasquillo Woodbury, TN 2017-03-19

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