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Hargray is probably the worst company I've ever had to deal with. Constant brownouts and severe latency problems, while the speed is there, if you're looking to play games online, you're out of luck with this company. They could care less too, I've called six times in the past year asking why and it's always the same response, "we're currently undergoing an upgrade to your service area." I don't know why it takes over a year to upgrade anything, but there's really no other option for my location, if you can get any other provider, go with them.

Michael Wheeler 2018-02-11

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Have had Hargray's 100 MPS internet service for a while. Uptime and performance has been good but the cost is too high. There are no other options in my area with this speed so it appears I'm stuck with Hargray a bit longer. Ready for an alternative. Have also had their HD TV service but getting ready to shut that down. Far too costly for the marginal services offered. Have tried DirecTV Now for the last three months to see if that's a viable alternative. Not perfect but cost is reasonable.

Greg Braswell 2017-09-17

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We have been very disappointed with Hargray. They are the only service in our area therefore feel they can charge above other companies for marginal service. Internet speeds average and cable service basic. We have to reboot our cable boxes at least once a week because they freeze. Our bill keeps going up. We are now looking into satellite internet, as it is the only alternative. We will save at least 30% maybe more depending on the package. If you are going to charge double other companies then you should have the services to go along with the price.

Lynne Kaplan Pooler, GA 2017-05-04

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Hargray's field reps are great and manage to get things fixed quickly. The rest of the company is terrible. Speed options are comparable to other providers, but the reliability is poor and I was told by a customer service rep that, because Hargray is the only option in our neighborhood for internet, they charge us extra. "If you had other options we would price competitively, but since you don't we charge higher--we're a smaller company and our costs are higher" said this rep. On average, their standard pricing per megabit for internet only service, provided when I asked, is about 2-3 times Comcast's pricing. But good luck finding standard pricing data online--the only prices they list are for internet/TV/phone promotional bundles.

Bob Martin Pooler, GA 2016-10-22

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When the internet capability is up, the performance is usually pretty good. There is some downtime concerns, and the customer service available during those downtimes is worrisome.

Lynda Lee Hardeeville, SC 2014-11-12

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