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I tend to be a be a very patient person in general, but having internet that is only marginally better than dial-up in 2016 is frustrating. I have the option between dial-up and this being advertised as well above of what you actually get. I have no other options currently, but I am seriously considering going back to dial-up with how bad this service has been over the past few years, the expense, and the unwillingness for this company to work with you to figure out a solution. This company is unwilling to update their infrastructure, which is over saturated, because of the cost associated with it. This cost is marginal compared to what they are profiting for this speed since their equipment has long since been paid for and upkeep is minimal. Looking on the modem that they force you to buy from them we can see a clear reflection of this on the "state of the art technology" they provide with a date reaching back to a manufacture date in 2001. In general, if you can get another provider be that Comcast, frontier, or another that can match the speed even at a slightly higher price I would ardently recommend you do that.

Bret K Sibley, IA 2016-03-11

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