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Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation

Verified U | 07-11-2022

my internet is fast and very reliable. its been over a year since i had an outage and it was fixed in about an hour.

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Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation


Emmanuel P | 03-30-2013

Their basic "hi speed" internet is about $30 a month and is Okay at best, it feels like dial-up speeds, cuts out constantly, and if you occasionally want to check FB and want to watch nextflix on the lowest quality then this would be your choice, but if you use the internet for things like online gaming, watching hi-res videos (netflix, youtube HD), etc. your only choice is to upgrade to their $60 plan which is pretty fast and reliable, but i would look to cable companies like charter to get better pricing and speeds. These are my personal opinions and encounters, others may have different standpoints on the service.

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