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service is about the same as you can anywhere else in this area. Pricing seems a bit high for the internet speed you get. overall a decent company.

Kittie Reese Slatington, PA 2015-01-22

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I really like BRCTV as a provider. They have great service but I have the lowest internet so the speed is not very fast but this is what I can afford for the internet. If they gave more deals to get a higher and faster speed I might consider it but with each speed you go up, it goes up in price. My cable and phone is also through them but there is not much of a discount for having all three.

Stephanie Burkholder Blossburg, PA 2015-01-21

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We receive a really great amount of mbps per month, though with a house of seven people (three of which are gamers and another two who like to stream television shows) We are constantly getting charged HUGE fees in overages for our usage. And they tell me there is absolutely NO way to get a plan with more gigs per month that what they offer. We also get completely disconnected from the internet at least once a day (even on devices hard wired into the modem) which can be very frustrating. The service technicians are very nice, though, and very thoughtful considering I have a four month old and a two year old. I had a tech come in when the baby was just a couple of weeks old and he was practically whispering as to not disturb her. She is a pretty good sleeper, but it was very considerate.

Amanda H Pocono Lake, PA 2015-01-15

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I love our cable supplier! We live in a fairly remote area on a private road with minimal winter maintenance. When our cable went out, their service tech put chains on his truck to get up the road to find the source of the problem. They also lowered the bill for the month when we did`t have service.Anytime we have a problem, they are quick and efficient!

Sharon Miller York Haven, PA 2014-04-14

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The service I requested from this provider was the cheapest reasonably fast internet I could find. The service is very good, especially for business accounts.

Alex McCreary Akron, PA 2014-03-25

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Great speed, never have a problem with weather etc., interrupting the service!!

Kristen Lewandowski Covington, PA 2014-03-19

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