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DONALD M | 11-05-2018

Every time I change channels I have to sit and wait 15 second before I get a new full screen. Hot Wire uses the 15 seconds to expose the viewer to lota and lots of very useless information. This is especially annoying when watching football games this time of the year. I called their Service Department, and they sent me a technician...he could not change this rediculouse waste of TV time, but said, "All TV companies do that"....which is absolute nonsense, inasmuch as I know is wrong because I still have Charter in St. Louis where I live 50% of the year, and the Hot Wire Co. just replaced Comcast here in Bonita Bay, in bonita S[rings, FL. These two companys dominate the USA, and both have ZERO annoying message between channel changes. Hot Wire, on the other hand, is so tiny of a company that they do not even publish their number of customers, but have some customers in "areas" that have about 300,000 total population.

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