Internet Providers in Salt Lake City, UT

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  1. CenturyLink
    50 Mbps Speed available in Salt Lake City
    7.8 /10 HSI Rating
    • 100% Digital Network
    • Online Account Access
    • Customized Home Page
    • 11 FREE Email Accounts
    • Watch TV on the CenturyLink Portal
  2. Comcast
    100 Mbps Speed available in Salt Lake City
    6.8 /10 HSI Rating
    • Norton™ Security Suite
    • Rewards for Bundling with TV
    • Constant Guard® Online Protection
    • Secure Access to Your Online Accounts
    • FREE Access to More Than 500,000 WiFi Hotspots
  3. Hughesnet
    15 Mbps Speed available in Salt Lake City
    5.1 /10 HSI Rating
    • Free Installation
    • 24/7 Technical Support
    • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
    • America's #1 CHOICE for Satellite Internet
    • Constantly Monitored by Network Operation Centers

    Additional Internet service providers


    1 Gbps Speed available in Salt Lake City
    Customer Rating

    (1 Review)

    • Local Provider
    • Limited Availability
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From Salt Lake City to North Salt Lake, Woods Cross, Bountiful, if Utah is your next home, you owe it to yourself to explore the high speed Internet options available across the state. You choice of Internet service providers is plentiful in The Beehive State. Let HighSpeedInternet.com make finding the right ISP for you and your family the simplest part of your move.

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A one-stop shop for High Speed Internet

Let HighSpeedInternet.com make finding the best Internet service options fast and simple. At HighSpeedInternet.com you'll be able to compare and contrast local Internet service providers so you can select the best Internet service in Salt Lake City. Once you find the perfect match for your needs and budget, simply call 1-855-325-0177 and complete your order.

Using Internet bundles to save time and money

In addition to helping you save your hard earned cash, bundling makes bill paying a cinch. Be sure to find out what bundles are currently available in Salt Lake City when you order your service.

Great High Speed Internet and great prices in Salt Lake City

The high speed Internet availability is just one of the perks of living in Salt Lake City. Whatever you choose to do online—from gaming to chatting, movies to music—Salt Lake City offers you download speeds you won't find in every part of the country.

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