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1. CenturyLink
DSL   99% Availability in Salt Lake City

Available Speeds in
Salt Lake City

Mbps download
10 Mbps upload

Cable   99% Availability in Salt Lake City

Available Speeds in
Salt Lake City

Mbps download
10 Mbps upload

3. Hughesnet
Satellite   99% Availability in Salt Lake City

Available Speeds in
Salt Lake City

Mbps download

Fiber  in Salt Lake City

Available Speeds in
Salt Lake City

Gbps download
1 Gbps upload

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Internet availability in Salt Lake City

99% Availability in Salt Lake City

99% Availability in Salt Lake City

99% Availability in Salt Lake City

Broadband availability

Salt Lake City 99%

Utah 91%

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Customer Reviews of Internet Providers in Salt Lake City

Service is great. Never had a problem with streaming video. Beats out Xfinity hands down for the price. Customer service is less than desirable. Not able to assist in my request to bundle service with my existing DirectTV.

James RogersSalt Lake City , UT2014-06-28

My experience over the past year has been absolutely terrible in every way imaginable! I never got the speed that I was paying for and the internet that I did get was never reliable! The service line treated me like a textbook problem, which is understandable, but as a result my problems were never fixed, and there were problems that they couldn't trouble shoot. One particular problem was instantly fixed by a customer rep from ANOTHER provider!

Anon AnonSalt Lake City , UT2015-09-02

Comcast is currently the fastest and most reliable service, but you have to pay for it. Customer service has not been good for me.

Matt MckSalt Lake City , UT2015-05-05

Ive been pretty satisfied with my provider from day one of having the service. Its incredibly convenienient, darn reliable and faster than any other ive used before. However i have not been subjected to the cost of the service because it is under my partners name and account. If i were the sole name on the account than i would be burdened with the outrageously high cost of it. Thankfully im not and so i am a happy customer.

Krissy DSalt Lake City , UT2015-04-01

The speed is great. The set up took two bungled days of delivery not being when they said. Once it was set up the modem wasn't working. It took speaking to a supervisor to finally get someone to believe that we needed a new one. Once we got a new connection it's been very nice ever since, I never have problems downloading or uploading any file or video, etc. Very pleased with the product, the service has been trying at times.

Amanda HindsSalt Lake City , UT2015-02-11

While speed at non-peak times tends to be sufficient, peak use hours in my neighborhood can be frustrating. Honestly, Comcast is only my provider because gigabit speeds aren't available yet!

Robert PlattSalt Lake City , UT2014-11-06

We get decent speed most of the time but occasionally and increasingly more often the speeds are far less than what they should be. The customer service is splendidly friendly if not always helpful but we pay a great price and we're happy with it.

Miranda AlthouseSalt Lake City , UT2014-10-31

My Earthlink DSL connection has been largely consistent and I've never had to call or deal with the company due to any difficulties that weren't able to be dealt with on my end.

Guthrie GSalt Lake City , UT2014-07-12

I had to subscribe to Comcast (Xfinity) internet service because no other carrier covered my house. Well after the intro price expired the priced almost doubled. The internet also tends to slow down quite a bit during busy times. I can't wait for Google Fiber to finally get to Salt Lake City.

Richard HeadSalt Lake City , UT2014-06-15

My download speeds are consistently above 21 Mbps. I never have any problem streaming several HD devices at a time. My only complaint is that stand-alone internet cost is pretty pricey & I have no need to bundle their other services.

Richard RichardSalt Lake City , UT2013-06-13

Comcast is generally fast and reliable. I had one problem where some lines went down and comcast came out within 24 hours and repaired the problem. It's a little pricey, but worth it to have 25+ Mbps.

Rolyat SmailliwSalt Lake City , UT2012-04-23

The service we upgraded to is incredibly fast. I think we're doing 30MB/s now. The only problem was that with the basic package, during peak hours, the internet would get very slow. The pricing is average for our area. Have only had one outage in almost a year.

Ryan ChattertonSalt Lake City , UT2012-04-20