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"Mediacom is a pretty nice ISP… and I'm paying what I feel is a pretty reasonable price..."

Alicia Cathcart | Ava, MO

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I am not very happy with my internet service right now. Although the speed seems to be fairly good it is very expensive compared other internet services in my area. I just never feel like going to the trouble to change it.

Tracy Schumacher 2018-01-15

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I spend more time on the phone with costomer service ,waiting for service tech's, and trying to log on to one of their sites than I spend using their service. Terrible overseas customer service!!! Lied to all the time!!! 0lease a good company come to Des Moines!

Charlotte Findley 2018-01-08

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Terrible, but only option with speed to stream anything. Streamed movies (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu) constantly buffering or won't play at all. Online classes constantly saying not enough bandwidth and abruptly stopping. Have had techs out many, many, many times over the years. More than 10 modems replaced. Finally bought my own. Problems still occur. Not only in this city either. No matter where I've lived, if I had Mediacom, I had the same problems.

APRIL SCHMIDT 2017-11-03

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The phone service representative was extremely helpful in meeting are needs, to avoid constant overage of our internet service. She explained that bundling would save us money and provide us larger useage, better service and more options. I was very pleased on her product knowledge, her understanding of our needs within our household.

Toney Honeycutt 2017-09-17

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I am not happy with my current service at this time, just stays down more than up. I found this website and i was so happy to find everything i was looking for in 1 place. Thank you for taking some of the work out of it for those of use who are not as computer savy as others.

Jennifer Izell 2017-08-15

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The service was bad, we had to call many times to get internet and they would tell us they don't service our area when our next door neighbor gets service. Then when we finally got someone to say they can get service to us they send a low rate contractor who drilled a hole in the duct work of our A/C and when we told him he needed to fix it he said it would be fine. and he also did not bury the cable, he let it lay in our yard and when we called about it they told us we can't touch it, they would get someone out to bury it in 14 days......

Alan Pollick Selbyville, DE 2017-06-29

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There is inconsistency with internet connection and speed. I will suddenly inexplicably stop working not weather related.

Marcy Murrell Davenport, IA 2017-05-20

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Mediacom high speed internet is the WORST! If you live in Columbia, MO you are basically forced to use them for your high speed internet needs. I have been a customer for over 15 years and have NEVER had good service. I constantly check competitors to see if there is a company I can switch to. I pay for 100 down/ 10 up and the best I have ever gotten is 28 down/ 3 up. Service goes out completely for days at a time and when you call they do the exact same trouble shooting procedure then set you up with an appointment. Problem is they NEVER fix the actual problem. They hook up to the modem and say it is working now. (NO CRAP!!!) I have had more than one technician and service man tell me the problem is down the line and the whole neighborhood has problem BUT they don't fix it. They just keep pocketing our money and KNOWINGLY give us substandard to NONEXISTENT service. SHAME ON YOU MEDIACOM!

Jennifer Schulte Columbia, MO 2016-12-24

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Horrendous customer service & internet reliability. If there were any alternative in COMO I'd switch. Days without service and latency/speed issues every day after 5pm make them a complete waste of time. When I requested assistance to troubleshoot my intermittent service they said they could have someone out, in a week. If you call in the evenings you get the finest of customer service, from India.

Craig Chandler Columbia, MO 2016-10-02

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I've had Mediacom internet and cable for over 20 years. The cable is fine, always working, but the internet is atrocious. 26 disconnects in 3 days, after 3 service calls is unacceptable. Their solution every single time is to reset the modem and blame the router(which is new). Aside from the last technician, they're lazy and unwilling to get to the bottom of the problem. Felt good to cancel Mediacom internet for gig fiber optic service from another provider.

Heather L Oskaloosa, IA 2016-07-11

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Surprised by overage fees when told it was unlimited. Customer services had no apologies said that the info was posted. Perhaps it was but obviously didn't think it applied to accounts already set up. Very dissappointed

Julie K Glenwood, IA 2016-03-10

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I have had different types of internet service while living in a variety of areas within the United States and abroad. I have had Mediacom now for nine months and I am truly disappointed in the consistency of its speed. Several times during any given month, my internet proceeds at a crawl (less than one Megabit per second download speed) usually during times when it is either raining, very windy or extremely cold. I have called and had a technician inspect the problem without any resolution. Funny thing is the problem resolves itself with a change in the weather. The technician says everything is working fine on their end and one even told me that my 6-month old modem was not working properly as "they go out routinely". The irony is that there is a fiber optic cable running about 100 feet from my house that Mediacom doesn't use. They know how much to charge and have numerous commercials glorifying their service yet in practicality, the reality is their internet is very poor.

Tony B West Des Moines, IA 2016-03-08

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Mediacom is the fastest internet cable I've ever had, most of my neighbors have them too. They have wonderful customer service too. My only issue with Mediacom is that there prices are high which isn't good for lower to middle class people..

Kristina Potter Wyoming, IL 2016-02-20

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My internet speed does not support my needs for working from home. I am now finding out that part of the problem is likely in the ancient modem Mediacom is leasing to me. Service drops regularly once to multiple times per week some of which seem to be scheduled outages where customers are not provided notice. When their is an outage you are sent to a recording that confirms the fact. You can not speak to an agent, they never provide ETAs and they have this system that notifies you when service returns, which calls you per zone restored. Last time I got six calls BEFORE my service was up, telling me it had been restored. RUN!!!

Judy R 2015-12-11

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Constant loss of internet, It's slows your connection down if you have online usage for long periods of time. At times you have to unplug their modem & reboot computer .

Carrie S Oak Grove, KY 2015-12-04

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Speed is good. Pricing is a little expensive. Service is good when it works....but there are times it is down and times when it is working, but some pages load and some do not.

Delilah Martin 2015-11-26

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The internet is so fast. Television is nice too. I'm just getting a phone so we'll see how that goes.

Dennis Sanderson 2015-11-25

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Mediacom provides a reasonable price for the basic package. Poor customer retention, promotion offers for existing customers. Basic package is too restricted for cord-cutting with any quality over Standard Definition.

William Schwegel 2015-11-08

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The cable internet speed is awesome, so much so that terrible service, pathetic accountability and frequent outages have to be tolerated because of their monopoly on high speed. If they had any competitor like fiber optic, customers like me would switch in seconds

Scott S Chanhassen, MN 2015-09-20

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Mediacom has been truthful both on the phone and in person. I've had Mediacom for 5 years now, here in North Liberty and Iowa City. The help line has been helpful in there automated and live conversations I had over the years. I also deal with the support desk for my computer and they got my computer up and running every time. With your 25 MBPS it is the fastest around, and enjoy the great service on the phone and in person.

Clarence Mueller 2015-08-12

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Mediacom is a pretty nice ISP. The connection is pretty stable, and I'm paying what I feel is a pretty reasonable price. Their service is normally pretty good, customer service over the phone especially. We may have had a hiccup or two in the past but it was nothing particularly serious.

Alicia Cathcart 2015-07-29

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Mediacom internet is a reliable company, with high speed (sometimes requiring you to talk to their support staff to fix connection speed issues), but they have recently introduced data usage caps which leads to overage charges. Once you go over, you pay for each 50 GB block of data you consume. If you're over by 5 GB, that's one block. If you're over by 50.001 GB, that's 2 blocks. Many users won't hit their cap, but family homes with people who stream video and play video games online and download the games from the internet will be up against the data cap each month and will have to cut back to avoid overages.

Matt A Columbus, GA 2015-07-06

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The price and speed are very good, The service is great, if there is a problem most times it is fixed before I know anything has happened!!

Peggy Mays Albany, GA 2015-07-04

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I have my internet service with Mediacom. I prefer Mediacom over anyone else because I have had service for many years, and I have never had a problem that could not be solved through customer service. I have phone, internet and cable with Mediacom for a reasonable price. My family is all for Mediacom!

Maisha Brown 2012-04-26

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