Internet Providers in Seattle, WA

    HSI's Preferred Providers

  1. CenturyLink
    40 Mbps Speed available in Seattle
    7.8 /10 HSI Rating
    • 100% Digital Network
    • Online Account Access
    • Customized Home Page
    • 11 FREE Email Accounts
    • Watch TV on the CenturyLink Portal
  2. Frontier FiOS
    100 Mbps Speed available in Seattle
    5.8 /10 HSI Rating
    • 3-year price guarantee
    • No Contract
    • Wireless Router Included
    • 100% Fiber-Optic Network
    • Ranked #1 for Customer Service in a 2015 HSI Consumer Survey
  3. Comcast
    100 Mbps Speed available in Seattle
    6.8 /10 HSI Rating
    • Norton™ Security Suite
    • Rewards for Bundling with TV
    • Constant Guard® Online Protection
    • Secure Access to Your Online Accounts
    • FREE Access to More Than 500,000 WiFi Hotspots
  4. Charter
    60 Mbps Speed available in Seattle
    7.9 /10 HSI Rating
    • No Contracts
    • 20 X Faster than DSL
    • Fastest In-Home WiFi
    • FREE Internet Modem
    • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  5. Hughesnet
    15 Mbps Speed available in Seattle
    5.1 /10 HSI Rating
    • Free Installation
    • 24/7 Technical Support
    • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
    • America's #1 CHOICE for Satellite Internet
    • Constantly Monitored by Network Operation Centers

    Additional Internet service providers

  1. Megapath

    6 Mbps Speed available in Seattle
    Customer Rating

    (0 Reviews)

    • Local Provider
    • Limited Availability
  2. Wave Broadband

    100 Mbps Speed available in Seattle
    Customer Rating

    (6 Reviews)

    • Local Provider
    • Limited Availability
  3. Sawtooth Technologies

    100 Mbps Speed available in Seattle
    Customer Rating

    (0 Reviews)

    • Local Provider
    • Limited Availability
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Thinking about moving to Washington? Seattle is a great place to live, but if you haven't decided where to live yet, check out the Internet speeds available in Medina, Mercer Island, Bellevue. It doesn't matter where you end up in The Evergreen State, HighSpeedInternet.com has everything you need to choose a new Internet service provider.

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Using Internet bundles to save time and money

Are you missing out on saving because you're not bundling your television, home phone, and Internet into one easy bill? Not only do bundles help simplify your life, they also help you keep more of your money. Remember to ask about potential savings opportunities with bundles when you call HighSpeedInternet.com for Internet service.

Great High Speed Internet and great prices in Seattle

Make the most of living in Seattle by staying connected with friends everywhere with high speed Internet. Get instant access to the latest news, weather, sports, and local happenings. With high speed Internet, the world comes to you.

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