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Tu mejor oportunidad de encontrar el servicio de LUS Fiber es en Louisiana, la mayor área de cobertura de la empresa. LUS Fiber también está disponible en y muchos otros estados más. LUS Fiber es un proveedor de Fiber, lo que significa que brinda su servicio más rápido que la mayoría de los otros tipos de servicio debido a que utiliza fibra óptica en lugar de cables de cobre. Para llevar el servicio de fibra a tu hogar, tu compañía de fibra óptica debe instalar cajas específicas de internet de fibra desde las que conectarás tu módem y router para fibra.

Looking for Internet, home phone, or cable service in the Lafayette area? Interested in services that not only make you more connected at home, but also out in the community? It's time to look into LUS Fiber. LUS Fiber is the only Internet service provider that is 100% owned by the community. It was established years ago to provide affordable, technologically advanced Internet service to the community. Now, it is a full-fledged Internet service provider, offering communication services that rival national providers in addition to local companies. The network at LUS Fiber is 100% fiber-optic, the most up-to-date Internet technology currently available. With home Internet service from this company, you can choose from packages that range from 3 Mbps to 2000 Mbps. At the top speed, these connection speeds are so high that they are among the highest in the country. As a subscriber, you can also take advantage of community hotspots, which allow you to get connected to Wi-Fi all over Lafayette. The diverse range of television packages at LUS Fiber make them well suited to families of all viewing habits and needs. At the low end, you can find a basic package with local channels and some popular cable channels. At the high end, this company has premium TV packages and international channel packages. You can also bundle home phone service into your plan. Plans include automatic callback, call forwarding, call rejection, and speed dialing. For a little bit more each month, you can add voicemail, caller ID, unlimited long distance, and unlimited international long distance. As a LUS Fiber customer, you know that the money you spend on your Internet bill each month is going back into the improvement of your community. Learn more about current bundles and packages by contacting LUS Fiber today.

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Broussard, Louisiana | Ossun, Louisiana | Duson, Louisiana | Cade, Louisiana | Milton, Louisiana
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