Internet Providers in Atlanta, GA

    HSI's Preferred Providers

  1. AT&T
    1 Gbps Speed available in Atlanta
    9.0 /10 HSI Rating
    • Supports Multiple Users
    • Reliable Direct Connection
    • Rewards for Bundling with TV
    • Download Full Movies in 5 min.
    • Rated Among the Best for Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power**
  2. Comcast
    100 Mbps Speed available in Atlanta
    6.8 /10 HSI Rating
    • Norton™ Security Suite
    • Rewards for Bundling with TV
    • Constant Guard® Online Protection
    • Secure Access to Your Online Accounts
    • FREE Access to More Than 500,000 WiFi Hotspots
  3. Charter
    100 Mbps Speed available in Atlanta
    7.9 /10 HSI Rating
    • No Contracts
    • 20 X Faster than DSL
    • Fastest In-Home WiFi
    • FREE Internet Modem
    • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  4. Hughesnet
    15 Mbps Speed available in Atlanta
    5.1 /10 HSI Rating
    • Free Installation
    • 24/7 Technical Support
    • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
    • America's #1 CHOICE for Satellite Internet
    • Constantly Monitored by Network Operation Centers

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See Internet speeds nearby Atlanta

Atlanta is a great place to live. But many newcomers forget about the other cities in the state. Find resources for Internet speeds in cities like Thomasville, Decatur, Avondale Estates at HighSpeedInternet.com. HighSpeedInternet.com's goal is to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an ISP.

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A one-stop shop for High Speed Internet

HighSpeedInternet.com aims to make the Internet shopping experience as easy as possible. Once you've researched and chosen an Internet company in Atlanta, the ordering process is simple. Just call 1-855-325-0177 and speak with a friendly representative who will be glad to finalize your order.

Using Internet bundles to save time and money

When you combine your high speed Internet, television programming, and all-digital phone to a low monthly statement you'll get a discount off the per-service pricing. Don't be left out—be sure to ask about bundling options available in Atlanta when you call to order your high speed Internet.

Great High Speed Internet and great prices in Atlanta

Life in Atlanta has many perks, including high speed Internet access. Keep up with the latest news, watch hours of YouTube, and play video games online, with some of the fastest Internet in America.

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