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Tu mejor oportunidad de encontrar el servicio de Allstream es en Colorado, la mayor área de cobertura de la empresa. Allstream también está disponible en Oregon, Idaho, Minnesota, y muchos otros estados más. Allstream es un proveedor de DSL, lo que significa que brinda su servicio por medio de tus líneas telefónicas tradicionales. El servicio de internet llega a tu casa a través de una toma de teléfono conectada a un módem de DSL, desde el cual puedes conectar tu enrutador de wifi o utilizar un cable de Ethernet.

No matter how reliable residential Internet is, it simply isn't enough for most businesses. When you are running a business, you need a guarantee that your service will remain stable and accessible at all times. Service outages can cost you money and customers. No matter how large or small your business is, Integra Telecom can develop a package that keeps your business connected and running smoothly. In addition to wholesale Internet service packages, Integra Telecom has service plans for various types and sizes of businesses. There are special options available to agencies and businesses in the fields of healthcare, education, and government. In addition, you can find more detailed packages for small businesses and enterprise businesses. A number of business solutions are part of the packages provided by Integra Telecom. As you work with an advisor to develop solutions for your business, you may learn more about services that focus on data networking, cloud accessibility, unified communication across business sites, and cyber security. These services are provided in a variety of ways, from small bundles that fit the tight budget of a new business to large bundles that allow you to be completely hands-off in your business‰Ûª telecommunication needs. After you have selected services, Integra Telecom sets up installation and maintenance, saving you valuable time. When you choose Integra Telecom, you get access to their fiber-optic network. Fiber-optic is considerably faster than competing Internet connections, making it an excellent option for businesses of all sizes. Since its creation, Integra Telecom has grown rapidly. Services are now available in over one dozen states, from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast and the Midwest. If you're ready to get your business connected to one of the fastest networks in the country, check out Integra Telecom and ask about services available in your area.

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