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My internet service leaves much to be desired. I have to reset my modem at least 3 X a week. This is so frustrating, interrupts the kids gaming and my streaming.

Lisa Robbins 2018-05-14

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The prices for tv and internet is outrageous. Internet been ok. With being very seldom slow .

Lorena Shiflett 2017-08-18

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Cuts out frequently and has to be packaged with unnecessary cable charges. Poor customer service and seems to stop working in the most important moments.

Brittney Lybarger 2015-05-28

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The service is good. Polite and responsive in this area. Pricing is fair. Speed could be better, but do-able for basic streaming.

Robert W Aiken, SC 2015-05-20

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They are often really really good. I had problems a few months back with the internet going out almost everyday and they refused to do anything to help out and often just tried to get us off the phone and telling us the same story after a week.

Leah Shumack Salamanca, NY 2014-12-31

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Atlantic Broadband is an ok provider. The internet is some times slow. I wish the prices would be more reasonable. If we has an option for a different provider we would.

Jessica Padilla Altoona, PA 2014-10-30

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Our internet is VERY slow for broadband. Our wi-fi doesn't always connect and the pages are very slow to load. I pay more Than I should in a month just for phone and internet and its so not worth it. I do not want to switch back to Verizon though, they weren't any better and the customer service was terrible.

Kristi Sorg Johnstown, PA 2014-10-10

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