Frontier Review

Frontier, Vantage, and FiOS services

Internet or TV plans start at $24.99/mo

  • Fast fiber internet
  • No data caps
  • Reasonable prices for internet and bundles

Data effective 07/16/19. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Frontier pros and cons

Frontier has a few remarkable pros—like its 500 Mbps fiber internet plan for $39.99 per month—sprinkled throughout its services. But as a whole, Frontier’s biggest con is inconsistency.

Frontier Communications as a company is confusing. It has three different branded services: Frontier, Vantage, and FiOS. All of them have different prices and plan details for internet, TV, and home phone, and they all have different service areas.

That inconsistency can make it difficult to find relevant information when you’re shopping. And it means that some Frontier customers get much better (or much worse) service than others, depending on where you live.


  • Availability in rural areas
  • High-speed fiber plans
  • Whole home DVR for TV bundles
  • Reasonable prices for most plans


  • Equipment rental fees
  • Inconsistent services, depending on your area
  • No standalone TV packages
  • Generally confusing pricing and structure
  • Low customer satisfaction score

On April 14, 2020, Frontier Communications filed for bankruptcy. The company is continuing operations and has said that Frontier’s customers won’t face any service interruptions. If you want to know more about the situation, read our full guide on what Frontier’s bankruptcy means for customers.

Frontier internet, TV, mobile, and bundling

  • $24.99– $199.99/mo.
  • 6 Mbps–1,000 Mbps
  • DSL and fiber
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  • FiOS TV, Vantage TV, and DISH bundles
  • $20.00–$89.99/mo. when bundled
  • 35–500+ channels
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  • Starts at $34.99/mo.
  • Up to 360+ channels and 500 Mbps
  • Internet, TV, and home phone
  • Double and Triple Play bundles
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Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Frontier primarily offers internet services, but you can add TV and home phone services into both Double Play and Triple Play bundles.

Frontier Internet

Our pick:

Simply FiOS 500/500

Speeds up to
Mbps download


for 24 months with 2-year agreement. Actual speeds may vary. Installation, equipment fees, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, early term, taxes & other fees apply. Services subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions. Amazon Prime included for 12 months with two-year agreement. Redemption required.


Vantage Fiber Simply 500/500

Speeds up to
Mbps download


for 24 months with 2-year agreement. Equipment fees, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, taxes, early term. & other fees apply. Services subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions. Subject to availability.

Get fast upload and download speeds for a low price.

Frontier offers fiber and digital subscriber line (DSL) internet. While its DSL service is okay, Frontier has a few fiber internet plans that are particularly great.

Both Frontier FiOS and Vantage Fiber offer a 500/500 internet plan. That’s 500 Mbps for upload and download speed for $39.99 per month, which is exceptionally good for both speed and price.

You can find out where this plan is available and compare all of Frontier’s internet services in our in-depth internet review.

Frontier internet and TV bundles

Our pick:

Vantage Premium Internet + Vantage TV Extreme

360+ channels

Speeds up to
Mbps download


for 12 months. Actual speeds may vary. Installation, equipment fees, DVR service fee, broadcast fee, RSN fee, taxes & other fees apply. Services subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions.

Frontier doesn’t currently offer standalone TV plans, but it does have three different TV services to add to its internet plans. Frontier bundles FiOS TV with FiOS internet packages, Vantage TV with Vantage internet services, and DISH satellite TV with its Frontier Internet packages.

Of the dozens of possible TV and internet bundles, we like the Vantage Premium Internet + Vantage TV Extreme duo because it pairs widely available, fast internet with enough channel variety for discerning TV aficionados.

Read more about Frontier’s TV bundles and find the right match for you in our in-depth Frontier TV review.

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Frontier fees and charges

For the most part, Frontier charges the same fees as any other Internet Service Provider (ISP). You have to pay state and local taxes on top of the advertised price.

The other fees are all normal—if unpleasant—stuff. If you sign a contract, you’ll need to pony up some extra cash if you leave early. There are some plans that don’t require a service agreement though. And if you pay late, you get a late fee. No surprise there.

The one Frontier fee we really object to is the internet equipment rental fee. You can read a more in-depth rant about this in our Frontier internet review, but basically Frontier charges internet customers this “rental” fee regardless of whether or not the customer is actually renting any equipment.

Learn more about Frontier.

Spectrum vs. Frontier

Frontier is more affordable and has more plan variety than Spectrum, but customers rate Spectrum’s cable service higher.

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Xfinity vs. Frontier

Xfinity has wider availability, especially for fast packages. But Frontier is more affordable, and its fiber plans are great.

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Cox vs. Frontier

Spectrum’s highest speeds are more widely available, but AT&T fiber internet is a great plan when you can find it. Both are solid choices for high-speed internet.


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Our verdict

Frontier’s services and prices vary so much by area that it’s difficult to make a blanket recommendation or condemnation. It really depends on where you live and which Frontier plans are available to you.

We can say that Frontier has reasonable prices for most of its plans. It offers fast internet speeds, especially to FiOS and Vantage Fiber customers. And its internet plans don’t have data caps.

But Frontier also scored relatively low in our 2020 customer satisfaction survey, ranking ninth overall of 15 ISPs. Its best services have very limited availability, and that causes some Frontier customers to get the short end of the stick in terms of both service quality and price.

Overall, Frontier isn’t all bad, but it’s far from the best internet provider out there. You should see what your other options are before you commit.

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Frontier FAQ

What Frontier plans are available in my area?

Check your ZIP code to find out which Frontier plans are available at your home and compare them with plans from other high-speed internet providers.