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Frontier Internet Self-Installation Guide

How to set up Frontier internet yourself.

The majority of Frontier customers need an expert installation, which requires an appointment with a broadband technician. But some customers may have the option to self-install their Frontier internet service with a self-install kit.

Both options have their advantages—let’s go over each one and find out which is best for you.

Expert installation vs. self-installation

Expert install


  • Tech performs entire install
  • Ability to move modem/router to a different room
  • A more thorough setup/checkup of your home network


  • Requires an appointment
  • Longer time commitment



  • No appointment necessary
  • Quick and easy setup



  • Might not work
  • Limited availability

Self-install Frontier Internet

Cost (may be waived):

DSL: $85 activation fee

Fiber 500: $50 activation fee

Fiber Gig 1,2, & 5: $25 activation fee

What you need: Self-install kit, active connection to the Frontier network, eligible internet plan and address

How long it takes: 30 minutes

Will a Frontier self-install work for me?

The first step is to figure out if your address and internet plan are eligible for a self-installation. Those able to self-install should be presented with the option when signing up.

However, even if it’s eligible for a self-installation, there’s still a chance that it won’t work. For a successful self-installation, your residence needs an active connection to the Frontier network. Most ISPs rely on service records to determine if an address is connected to the network. This system works most of the time but isn’t perfect. The only way to really know if a self-install is going to work is to try it out.

Self-install is a good option if:

  • You’re eligible for a self-installation
  • The residence has recently had Frontier services.
  • You’re comfortable setting up your equipment.
  • You can afford to wait for an expert install appointment in the event the self-install doesn’t work.

How long does a Frontier self-install take?

You can complete the Frontier self-installation in about 30 minutes.

Expert installation for Frontier Internet


DSL: $85 activation fee

Fiber 500: $50 activation fee

Fiber Gig 1,2, & 5: $25 activation fee

What you need: A person over 18 present

How long it takes: 2–4 hours (approx.)

For an expert installation, a technician will come to your home and install your new internet service. You’ll need to schedule an appointment, and someone over 18 must be present during the installation.

An expert install comes with more flexibility and security and is more likely to work than a self-install. If something goes wrong, the tech can make repairs or adjustments on the spot, which means you should still get online when you plan to. Additionally, the tech can help you move your equipment to the ideal location in your home, and perform a thorough quality check of your home network.

A professional installation is a good option if:

  • Your residence has not recently had or never had Frontier services.
  • You want to move your frontier modem/router to a different room.
  • You want your home network professionally assessed.
  • You don’t feel comfortable setting up your equipment yourself.

How to self-install Frontier Internet®

To self-install your Frontier service, you first need your self-install kit. Once you have your kit, your set up should take about 30 minutes.

How to order your Frontier self-install kit

If you’re eligible for a self-installation, you can order your self-install kit when you sign up for your Frontier internet service. If you’ve already ordered your service but wish to switch to a self-install, try contracting Frontier Customer Service to get help.

What comes in your self-install kit

  • Frontier router
  • Power cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Phone line cable

Before you start

You can only self-install your frontier internet on or after your service ready date.

How to connect your Frontier router

Step 1: Connect the data cable.

For Fiber: Connect one end of the white Ethernet cable to the port on the wall; connect the other end to the red Ethernet port on the router labeled ONT

For DSL: Connect the green phone cable to the phone jack on the wall; connect the other end to the green port on the router, labeled DSL.

Step 2: Connect the router to power.

Connect the power adapter to the AC port on the modem labeled Power. Plug the power adapter into a power outlet. Turn on the router using the power button on the back. Wait while the router boots (up to 20 minutes).

Step 3: Check for an internet connection

The internet light on the front of the router should be solid blue once the router is fully booted. If the light is not solid blue, the router isn’t properly connected to the internet. If this happens, try our troubleshooting tips.

Step 4: Connect your devices to your new home network

Wireless devices (Wi-Fi): You can find your network names and passwords on the bottom of your Frontier router. Your frontier router may have two different Wi-Fi networks: a 5 Ghz Wi-Fi network and a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Each of these networks has its own strengths—learn which to use in our Wi-Fi guide.

Step 5: Test your new network speeds.

Use our speed test to make sure your new internet connection is working properly. Use your Frontier internet plan speed as a reference.

Step 6 (optional): Change your Wi-Fi network name and password.

You can customize the network name and password by typing the following into your web browser:

This will open your Frontier router’s setting page, where you will need to enter an admin name and password. This will be a different name and password than those used for your Wi-Fi network. You can find your router login name and password on the bottom of your Frontier router.

Issues with a Frontier self-install

If your modem doesn’t go online (indicated by a solid blue online light), make sure your cables are attached correctly. Also make sure you’re on or past your service ready date.

If your cables are set correctly and you are within the time-frame of your ready date, you probably need a technician to come set up your internet.

If your Frontier router’s internet light is solid blue but you’re still having issues with slow or spotty internet, use our internet troubleshooting resources to get your Wi-Fi running smoothly.

Start with our guide on how to set up a home Wi-Fi network, as it can help you with general steps you may have missed.

How to get an expert installation for Frontier Internet®

You can schedule your expert installation when you order your Frontier internet service. You can also schedule an expert install by contacting Frontier customer service if your self-install doesn’t work.

How to prepare for a Frontier expert installation

  • Have someone 18 years of age or older present during the installation.
  • Move any furniture or belongings away from your home’s networking outlets.
  • Ensure the tech has access to the networking box or ONT. This box may be on the outside of your home (usually near the power meter), in the garage, or in an interior closet. The tech may also need access to your attic or crawl space.

Renting vs. buying Frontier equipment

Frontier charges $10 a month to rent their internet equipment, though some plans and offers may include a free use of equipment. Frontier is a little different than other ISPs in that you must use frontier equipment to install internet service. You may be able to switch out the rented equipment for your own later.

How much does it cost to rent a modem or router from Frontier?

Frontier charges a rental fee of $10 per month for internet equipment, though rental equipment does come free with certain plans.

Should I buy or rent a modem and router for Frontier Internet®?

In the beginning, you don’t have a choice—you must use Frontier’s equipment. But using a frontier rental router comes with full tech support. Additionally, Frontier doesn’t guarantee performance on third-party equipment, so it’s best just to go with the rental equipment.

Which install option is best for you?

Most Frontier customers require an expert installation, so we recommend planning for one. An expert install requires more planning and a longer time commitment, but it also comes with more help if any issues come up during the install.

If you are eligible for a self-install, it doesn’t hurt to try. The worst-case scenario is that it doesn’t work, and you proceed to schedule an expert install. However, if you don’t have the time or it’s crucial you get your internet service up and running by a specific date, the safer bet is to schedule the expert install right away.

Decided to go with Frontier services?

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Can you install Frontier Internet® by yourself?

Most Frontier internet customers require an expert installation, but some customers may be eligible for a self-installation. If you’re eligible for a self-installation, the option should show up when you sign up for your service.

How do I get my Frontier self-install kit?

If eligible for a self-installation, you can order your self-install kit when you order your Frontier internet service.

How much is Frontier’s installation fee?

Frontier charges an activation fee between $25 and $85 for both expert installations and self-installations—though this fee may be waived for new customers.

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